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July 15, 2012

by DailyKenn.com

Blacks with personal character, intelligence, and ambition have always thrived in America.

America is making strides in overcoming the evils of racism. That is evident as the number of blacks who assume leadership roles increases.

A favorite measure of black emergence and the defeat of racism is the advent of a black person to acquire a position never before held by a black person.

It's getting old.

Granted, the ascent to the White House of a black descendant of slaves would make an interesting anecdotal footnote. The facts are: Barack Obama isn't black (he's mulatto) and is the son of a snubbish Kenyan elitist. Such make the case for a president whose ethnic legacy is not noteworthy.

Obama's claim to fame has nothing to do with his DNA connections. Rather, he will be remembered by honest historians as the most left-leaning president to date. He'll be known as the man who did more damage to the American republic than Osama bin Laden whom he slew in a military raid but, as far as we know, is holed up in an Argentina safe house with Elvis and an elderly Adolph Hitler.

America is engaged in psychological warfare with the left being the aggressors and populace being the unwitting and defenseless victims. Racism is the blackjack with which we are beaten into submission.

Each time we hear of the "first African American* to . . . " we are reminded that America has a  white supremacist legacy that is now being overcome. Each is an electrical shock to our collective brain delivered by wires and nodes, compliments of the mainstream media.

A few of us take offense.

I, for one, don't cater to being brainwashed and pride myself on questioning the motives of those who nudge me in a particular direction.

Every time we hear of another 'first' black person, we should demand answers.

For example, when we hear that Condoleeza Rice was the first African American Secretary of State who was a woman after the first African American Secretary of State, Colin Powell, who preceded the first African American president, Barack Obama, during whose administration Fred Luter became the first black president of the Southern Baptists it is reasonable to challenge those imposing upon our thought processes.

• Wonder, aloud, how Rice, Powell, Obama and Luter managed to achieve their lofty positions if our culture is steeped in racism.

Ask, for example, if the academic achievements of Rice are evidence that racism really wasn't a serious problem and that she succeeded on her own merit. If true, then other blacks have no excuse. On the other hand, if her success was due to Affirmative Action rather than personal talent, then she had no business being in the Bush administration, let alone Secretary of State.

The same is true of Powell. If racism were actually a serious problem, then one must explain how a black man achieved such incredible success during the decades when white privilege made such accomplishments impossible.

The successes of Rice, Powell and other "first African Americans to..." testify to either the absence of white privilege or the unfairness of Affirmative Action.

• Wonder, aloud, how black people achieved substantial levels of success back in the day when white supremacy was said to be at its peak.

Ask how a black man, Absalom Jones, managed to become an ordained Episcopal priest in Philadelphis in 1804.

Ask how a black man, Thomas L. Jennings, managed to acquire a dry-cleaning patent in 1821.

Ask how a black man, Alexander Twilight, managed to earn a college degree from Middlebury College in 1823.

Ask how Freedom Journal, a black newspaper, survived economically in the 1820s.

We can go back futher.

In 1760, nearly two and half centuries before Powell became the first African American Secretary of State, Jupiter Hammon became the first African American to become a published author. In 1773 Phillis Wheatley became the first African American to publish a book.

Crispus Attucks was one of many fully-integrated Negros in the American colonies when he was shot to death in a row with British troops. Attucks became the first casualty in the American War for Independence when he was gunned down in Boston in 1770.

In 1778 the 1st Rhode Island Regiment became the first African American military regiment. How could white supremacists allow such a thing?

Ironically, the first African American military officers served for the Confederacy. They commanded the 1st Louisiana Native Guard.

In the 1780s the pioneer Jean Baptiste Point du Sable, a black man, was the first to settle in what is now Chicago. He is known as the "The Father of Chicago."

James Derham was a black physician whose practice began in 1783. In 1843 the black physician, James McCune Smith, began his practice, having earned his degree from the University of Glasgow, Scotland. Dr. David J. Peck, a black phsycian, was practicing medicine in the mid-nineteenth century, having earned his medical degree from Rush Medical College in 1847.

It seems that acheivement was available to black Americans throughout our nation's history. Race was never the question; ability was the mandate.

158 years before Obama took his bungled oath of office, Charles L. Reason became America's  first African American college professor. Where was the racism?

Patrick Francis Healy was welcomed as the  first African American member of the Jesuits in 1851. James Augustine Healy became the  first African American Catholic priest in 1854.

The question persist: What's the big deal? Why has "the first African American to..." become so egregiously flaunted in our faces as if to suggest that blacks have been locked out of our culture?

Without question, America has been a haven of bliss for 'people of color,' blacks in particular.

The conclusion: If the failure of blacks in America has never been due to racism, it is the result of inability or the lack of initiative.

There have been so many 'first African Americans to...' that we must conclude that America has never been a white supremacist society and that white privilege is a myth.

Or, we could frame it in this context: If black failure can be attributed to white privilege, then black success is evidence that white privilege has never existed.

William Wells Brown, in 1853, was the first African American to publish a novel, ironically titled Clotel; or, The President's Daughter.

* I realize that the term 'African American' is a misnomer. I use it to capture the nuance of the leftists' nonsense.

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