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July 13, 2012

by DailyKenn.com

It's a problem when a problem has no solution. And that makes Alan Keyes most recent article attacking Mitt Romney a problem.

According to Keyes the problem is a difference in destination: There is no difference. A vote for Mitt Romney is no better than a vote for Barack Obama. After all, he concludes, they're both taking us to the same "Island paradise" mess.

In fact, he tells us, Romney's finesse will actually allow him to create more damage than the fumbling Obama failed to do. He calls Mitt a "stealth socialist."

That sounds like a crypto endorsement of Obama whom Keyes "adamantly" opposes on constitutional issues. It's matter of bad and worse with Obama being bad and Romney being worse.

That's backwards.

Keyes presents a problem: We have two socialists running for president. He offers no solution.

Were I to rate prospective presidents Mr. Obama would rank 311,591,917, just behind Romney at 311,591,916.

Factitious? Obviously.

While I bemoan the prospect of Mitt in the Oval Office, he is a shade of gray brighter than the current occupant.

The problem with Keyes' problem is not that the problem has no solution. Rather, the problem is that the problem is not a problem. Keyes is wrong. Romney, for all his RINO tendencies, simply does not have the leftist credentials of Obama. 


While Obama was raised in the Islamic culture of Indonesia, Romney was immersed in the heartland of America.

While Romney, the college bully, was giving a classmate a buzz, Obama was endorsing communists and advocates of critical race theory at Harvard.

While Obama was raised in the ways of Islam and later the shadow of "God damn America" Jeremiah Wright, Romney was reared in the conservative, pro-family venues of the Mormon Church.

While Obama built a career in a law firm while playing community organizer for government hand-outs, Romney busied himself creating jobs through free-market enterprises such as Staples, Inc.

While Obama successfully imposed ObamaCare on the nation against its will, Romney told the NAACP that the program would get the ax.

Sorry, Mr. Keyes. I fail to see the problem. And that's no endorsement of Romney.

Here is the text of Keye's article:

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  1. Romney = Obama except White and heterosexual.

  2. romneycare.
    assault weapons ban.

    captain underoos will save us.


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