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June 4, 2012

by DailyKenn.com

Most of the world's human inhabitants -- 7 billion -- owe their lives to Western intellect and subsequent innovation. That is, humanity owes a debt of gratitude for their very existence to white people.

Besides annoying liberals, the above statement reframes history in an accurate context.

• Reverse pandemic

White people are often blamed for spreading epidemics during the era of exploration. Few bother to notice that epidemics also invaded Europe from afar. The Black Death pandemic, for example, was a Chinese import. Many suspect syphilis originated in the Americas.

While various people groups have encroached upon each others' immunities, only one ethnic group has actually reversed the ravages of disease: White people.

• Exponential growth in population and technology

Because of Western advancements in nutrition, medicine, health care, and prevention, the world population grew exponentially from the moment such advancement began. The advancement in population growth coincided with the advancement of Western health technology.

The world population in 4 BC was about 200 million.* One thousand years later it had grown to about 300 million. That is, it grew by 50 percent over a 1,000 year span.

Had the world population continued to grow at that rate, the entire world population today would only be about 450 million, or about 6.5 billion fewer than actually exist. It's the equivalent to about one third of the current population of China and about 6.5% of the entire world population.

What caused the exponential growth in world population? Again, Western technological innovation. In other words, 93.5% of the world's population owes its very existence to White people.

• White people are the ultimate anti-racists

This brings us to an enigma.

If Western civilization is responsible for 93.5% of the world's population -- most of whom are non-white -- why are advocates of Western civilization characterized as racists?

Here's another statement to annoy liberals.

Advocates of Western civilization are anti-racists. They realize that, without white innovation, most people of color would not exist. Furthermore, when white innovation is depleted or destroyed by social engineers, people of color will suffer the most.

• A rare peek at reality

Here's a suggestion for a school field trip.

Take a class of fifth graders to the local hospital. Have them observe the non-white patients who are benefiting from white innovations in medicine. Without those innovations, how many people of color would be alive?

For example, if it were not for the white innovation of insulin injections,  how many black diabetics would die? If it were not for the white innovation of heart transplants, how many Asians would die? If it were not for the white innovation of blood transfusions, how many Hispanics would be carted off to the morgue?

The list, as they say, seems endless. There are literally thousands of medical procedures and health benefits that can only be attributed to Western civilization's innovation.
The Georgia Guidestones
extol liberal ideology.
It begins with, "Maintain
humanity under 500,000,000..."

• Helping non-whites

If you are an advocate of Western civilization and innovation, you are not a racist. You are an anti-racist.

As an advocate of Western civilization you are supporting the culture that has given life and health to literally billions of non-whites.

Recall David Livingston plunged into dark Africa with Western innovation; not disease. The U.S. Agency for International Development continues to invest billions of white dollars in black Africa for health and humanitarian projects.

I can't think of a single black David Livingston who brought humanitarian aid to suffering white people. Maybe I'm missing something. I know for certain that African nations are not investing billions in humanitarian aid to white nations or anyone else; including themselves. That's not a complaint. Rather, it's acknowledgement that Western civilization continues to provide a health and humanitarian infrastructure for all of humanity.

The fact that white people are the only benevolent ethnic group to have universally benefited the world population on such a grand scale is neither arrogance nor claim supremacy. It's simply a matter of fact. I'm sure other ethnic groups would do the same for white people if given the opportunity.  And, considering the current trends, that opportunity is coming.

• What's good for the goose

Social engineers want to destroy Western civilization because it impedes their objective to "Maintain humanity under" half a billion.

The phrase "in perpetual balance with nature" is permanently etched on the Georgia Guidestones. We understand that phrase to mean "without the technological advancements, such as healthcare, that enhance humanity."

Specifically it reads, "Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature."

Western civilization is the proverbial goose that laid the golden egg. Though a pogrom of destruction through demonizing and immigration, Western culture will be diluted, if not totally destroyed, along with its innovation. The world population will decrease to a level deemed manageable by rapid humanists (under half a billion). The goose will be dead as well as those who benefited the most from its golden eggs: Non whites.

* Anthropologists disagree. Some place the population in 4 BC as low as 140 million.

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