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June 1, 2012

by DailyKenn.com

Am I the only one noticing the trend here?

There was time when I would swear the demons of cannibalism were running amok in America.

First was the notorious face eating episode in Florida

Then there was the Kenyan in Maryland suspected of eating his roommate's heart and brain. 

Another tragic event occurred in Los Angeles.

In July of last year a homeless woman snatched a four-month-old baby from his stroller, banged the baby on a poll, then attempted to rip the infants arm off like a chicken wing at KFC. The child's terrified mother and aunt did their best to fight off the attacker until help arrived. 

The baby eater was on the West Coast, the roommate eater was near the East Coast and the face eater was at the Florida coast. The demon theory would suggest the nation is in the grips of a wide spread epidemic of cannibalism with a few notable cases rising to the surface. 

My opinion is that all three instances were driven by drugs and/or depravity. 

A conspiracy theory could be applied to the three acts of cannibalism. I'll leave the details to those creative minds who specialize in such concoctions. 

The common denominator that emerges in all three instances of cannibalistic crimes? All the attackers were black! 

Again . . . am I the only one noticing the trend?

My worry is that these things tend to go viral. Crimes are often committed by copycats who, for whatever reason, think the crime is cool. An epidemic of black loons eating people in broad daylight seems unlikely, but the odds of any of the recent episodes seem unlikely. 

The baby, by the way, survived with minor scratches.

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  1. How long before the africans just break out
    the big iron pots and stew the white people?

  2. The only problem with your theory is you conveniently left out the gay porn cannibal in Canada who is white and still at large, vowing to kill again.

  3. Do you remember that during the Katrina mayhem the press seemed eager to spread the rumors that people were eating the dead to survive? What I thought was crazy was that it seemed like blacks were starting and pushing the rumors without hesitation...

  4. Also, the middle eastern man in Sweden who cut off his wife's lips and ate them for "dishonoring" him.


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