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June 27, 2012

by DailyKenn.com

Area Development magazine is the leading executive magazine covering corporate site selection and relocation.

Each year the publication lists the top cities in the nation. It scans "two dozen different economic and workforce indicators from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Bureau of Economic Analysis, and the U.S. Census American Community Survey. It ranks the 365 MSAs in a variety of ways, including an overall ranking that crunches 23 indicators, plus separate rankings of 'Prime Workforce Growth,' 'Economic Strength,' and 'Recession-Busting' factors."

The top markets are:

1. Columbus, IN - 91.32% white; 2.71% black
2. Odessa, TX - 44.43% white; 6.88% black
3. Lafayette, LA - 66.23% white; 28.51% black
4. Birmarck, ND - 92.40% white; 0.70% black
5. Fargo, ND - 90.20% white; 2.70% black
6. Midland, TX - 75.51% white; 8.37% black
7. San Jose, CA - 42.80% white; 3.20% black
8. Casper, WY - 94.03% white; 0.86% black
9. Morgantown, WV - 89.48% white; 4.51% black
10. Columbia, MO - 81.50% white; 10.9% black

Of the top ten cities, eight have a white majority and all have a white population that exceeds 40 percent; over half are above 80 percent white. Seven have a white majority larger than the national percentage of white residents (72.4%) and nine have a black minority smaller than the national average (12.6%).

The average white population of the top ten cities is 76.79%. The average black population of the top ten cities is 6.93%, are about half the national average.

It appears that cities with above average white populations tend to fare better than those with smaller white populations. The absence of large black populations, however, seems to be a more significant factor.

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  1. And these statistics surprise,,,,,,,WHO?

  2. Not to worry, as soon as these untapped resources are discovered by the Negroes they will move there in a locust like swarm for their 'rightful' share of gibsmedat. The black undertow will put a stop to any growth...er...I mean White privilege.


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