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about hate speech on social media

June 25, 2012

by DailyKenn.com

Martin Sewell is the latest academic to find himself tagged with a racist label and invitation to resign.

Sewell is a student adviser at Cambridge University and works with the institution's Faculty of Economics.

Among his politically incorrect blunders are assertions that blacks are bit duller than their white counterparts, women are damaged by feminism, and the notion that there are credible components to the concept of eugenics.

Sewell's sentiments don't set well with the university's student union. They want him to hit the road. Cambridge, after all, is a multicultural masterpiece in spite of its dearth of black students.

Fewer than 100 black students were enrolled at both Cambridge and Oxford at the 2010-11 school year onset. More precisely, 16 blacks enrolled in Cambridge (out of 2,624). That's a 36 percent drop from the previous year when 25 new blacks darkened the doors of the ivy-covered British school [source].

Sewell seems to think that blacks have lower IQs than whites -- and that may explain the extremely low black representation among new students.

Then, again, maybe Cambridge is a racist institution and should turn in its credentials.

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