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June 5, 2012

Marine Le Pen calls for law against anti-white racism: "Racism and to the French cause havoc"

Invited on Wednesday organized by LCP program, Le Monde, AFP and France Info, Marine Le Pen attacked the Minister of Justice and called for the establishment of a law against anti-white racism.
The president of the National Front said it was "amazing" the appointment of Christiane Taubira as justice minister, who said being a "separatist" and "communitarian" (designated in a critical way all forms of ethnocentrism or sociocentrism, all self-centered group , that involved a self-assessment and a tendency to close on itself). Asked to explain his statements, Marine Le Pen said the law known as 'Taubira' in recognition of the slave trade and slavery as a crime against humanity was communitarian, since it only talks about the transatlantic slave trade and does not mention Arab Muslim slavery.
"People live in fear," she said, citing people who have written to her posts as "systematically attacked me because I'm white because I am French, they insult us by writing on the walls, trying to mess France"
Moreover, the president of FN, legislative candidate in the Pas-de-Calais, said Christine Taubira "is totally unable to fight anti-white racism," adding that "the PS can not fight racism anti-white, because it simply denies it. I said to the UMP, unable to fight racism against the French, and causing havoc in the suburbs. "
Marine Le Pen presented some cases of anti-white racism in France: "Dirty white, chalky face ... should listen to millions of our compatriotras every day," she said.
"Go to the suburbs, walk around, get out of the sets of television," she told reporters that interviewed.
Le Pen complained that her opponents "have not taken steps against this new racism" and stressed the need for a law against anti-white racism. "

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  1. France is screwed. An open border policy run amok. This is exactly what the elites want to foist upon the USA. Just one more millstone to hang around the neck of middle class white America.


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