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June 26, 2012

by DailyKenn.com

I got "stabbed" in the chest back in March.

Fortunately the stabber was a surgeon.

If the stabber is a friend performing surgery
it's a good thing.

"Faithful are the wounds of a friend."

Most of us have endured a "stab in the back," those times in life when trusted friends turn out to be deceptive enemies.

Hateful words, betrayal, and deceit are just a few of the ways that we are cut and wounded by our enemies.

Sadly, our reaction may be to avoid all friends and consider any 'cutting' to be harmful. Ofttimes, however, we need to be 'cut upon' by true friends. We forget that we sometimes need 'surgery;' someone who will tell us when we are heading in the wrong direction, making bad choices; causing harm to ourselves.

So how can we tell the difference between the friend and the enemy?

A friend gets your permission before cutting.
A friend only cuts when necessary.
A friend cuts no more than needed.
A friend causes no more pain than necessary.
A friend helps you to heal.

The enemy never asks for permission to attack.
The enemy cuts when not needed.
The enemy cuts as must as possible.
The enemy intends to cause pain.
The enemy rejoices when you fail.

Note that the wounds of a healer are better than the kisses of a deceiver.

In my case the surgeon asked before performing surgery. He arranged for anesthesia to decrease the pain, then prescribed meds to do the same. He cut no more than was absolutely necessary. The objective was never to hurt me, but to heal me.

When he was done there was much discomfort. There is also a scar that I will bear for life.

There have been other surgeons in my life. These are they who say, "Kenn, we need to talk."

They always got my permission before cutting me with their advice. They sedated me with compliments (not flattery) about my strong points before breaking my thin skin with a scalpel. They said no more than was needed to be said. They weren't trying to cause pain. Rather, they were applying tough love to ultimately ease pain. And once the cutting was over, they hung around to make certain I fully recovered.

It seems the enemies -- those phony friends who take advantage of us -- are more abundant than friends who are surgeons. And so I apply the rule, "Be everyone's friend; but no one's fool."

Repelling the enemy is essential for survival. Allowing faithful friends to perform surgery is also necessary.

Compare my experience to that of Marvin Hogan.

Hogan died after his 'friends' stabbed him in the chest.

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