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June 10, 2012

by DailyKenn.com

White Americans are not racists; at least not in the sense as normally described by advocates of multiculturalism.

Granted, slavery was race based, unfair and blatantly idiotic. Framed in that context then, obviously, many white Americans embraced racism.

Of the hundreds of white people I know on a first-name basis, however, I know of none who hates others based on ethnicity. Most white people don't think in racial terms; they view themselves as race neutral.

Accusations of race-based prejudice are nearly always unfounded concoctions. Historically white people have logically responded to bad-behaving ethnic groups; not out of racial bigotry or hatred, but of necessity to maintain order. Behavior -- not skin tone, hair texture and facial features -- has been the criteria.

Obviously, there are rare exceptions. But white Americans are an extremely tolerant lot.


The fact that whites have allowed non-whites to exist and thrive in their midst serves as indisputable evidence that white people are not racists.

Liberals counter that evidence by scuttling history and replacing it with blatant revisionist nonsense. Consider, for example, how few are aware that the first slave owner in American history was Anthony Johnson, a black tobacco farmer who acquired the first slave by court order in 1655.

Revisionists don't deny that black business owners thrived during Jim Crow; even during slavery. Rather, revisionists simply ignore it. They don't tell us that William Ellison, the largest slaveholder in South Carolina in 1860, was as black as Obama. They let stand the notion that non whites suffered belligerence, deference and unjust prejudice.

The fact that liberals must distort history to make their case for white racism proves that it did not exist in the extremities they suppose.


When black agitators such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton make their case for white racism, they are inadvertently confirming that white Americans are not racists. If white people were as racists as black agitators claim, there would be no black agitators to make the claim. The very existence of black agitators is testimony to the tolerance of white Americans.

There has never been a white-led genocide, holocaust or forced en masse extradition. Even the so-called "trail of tears" has been greatly exaggerated by revisionists to concoct an image of white supremacy, intolerance and racism.

Again, if white Americans were racists, there would be no non whites to make the allegation.


There are literally scores of examples of true 'racism' within the past one hundred years. None occurred in the United States or Britain.

Let's consider ten recent examples, being mindful of the alleged 'racism' consigned to America's white community.

2011 - Libya: Thousands of black Africans were expelled or imprisoned [source].
2010 - Kyrgyzstan: Thousands of ethnic Uzbeks were forced to flee; hundreds were killed [source].
2008 - Georgia: 15,000 Georgians in South Ossetia were forced to flee; their villages burned [source].
2008 - South Africa: 80,000 illegal immigrants were forcibly displaced. 67 were killed. [source].
2008 - India: 40,000 North Indians were forced to flee Pune and Nashik [source][source].
2007 - Kenya: 600,000 were displaced and 800 killed in 'ethnic cleansing' [source][source].
2004 - Burma: 200,000 Karen were displaced over decades of war [source]. Another 2  million fled to Thailand and elsewhere [source].
2003-2007 - Sudan/Darfur: 450,000 black Africans were killed, 2 million expelled and 800 hundred villages burned [source].
2005 - Botswana: Bushmen were forced from game reserves to squalid resettlements [source].
2003 - Congo: Pigmies were hunted and eaten like game animals in an extermination effort [source].

Think of similar ethnic atrocities committed by white Americans. I can think of none.

Nothing even comes close.

Granted, revisionists will fill our minds with distortions, exaggerations and historical deletions, but when the truth is known, white Americans are not racists.


According to Dictionary.com the first use of the term 'racism' was 1933. It is a relatively new addition to the English lexicon.

If racism is defined as believing one race is superior to another, then all honest people could be labeled as racists; acknowledging physiological advantages of one ethnic group over another would constitute racism. Believing blacks are resistant to sunburns would make one a black supremacist and acknowledging the white are less susceptible to high blood pressure would earn one the white supremacist label. Being a black supremacist or a white supremacist could be determined by the topic of a conversation: Are we talking basketball or ice hockey?

Racism, by my definition, is disliking someone exclusively because of their ethnicity. In my opinion racism by that definition is absurd.


In the contemporary American context, the term racism seems to apply to any person whose views defy political correctness.

Acknowledging the proliferation of black crime, a constant theme of this web site since the advent of the Trayvon Martin episode, would constitute racism.

There is, therefore, a chasm.

One one side of the chasm: Acknowledging reality constitutes racism.  On the other side of the chasm: Subscribing to political correctness absolves all of racism. Therefore, to participate in an conversation about race, one must either be dishonest or suffer the stigma of racism.


Those of us who oppose racism while embracing reality face a dilemma.

If we voice our objection to racism, we are expected to adjoin ourselves to politically correct nonsense and abject denial.

If we continue to embrace reality, we are promptly castigated as racists.

There is no middle ground where honest Americans can acknowledge black crime and racial differences while refusing to dislike anyone based on ethnicity.

If we challenge historical revisionism that recasts the history of America, we are labeled racists. If we dare admit that over half of all homicides in America are committed by blacks, we are deemed racists.

The liberals' objective should be obvious: Those who are honest in the conversation about race will be discredited and stigmatized as racists and consequently ignored.

So be it.

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  1. Glad to see people are starting to participate in your comment section.

  2. I'm sure that John Derbyshire as well as myself and untold numbers of other good Americans would agree with this view entirely. It is truly unfortunate that such is the case in this great country. Eventually the word "racism" will mean little as it is used more and more often. Lenny Bruce had it right, words only have the power we give them.

    Progressives are a most vile breed...

    1. "words only have the power we give them"

      Great thot.

  3. Another zinger. The word is almost never defined so clearly. This is reposted here:

  4. I'm stealing this. Thanks.

    1. Help yourself. (Credit and backlink, please.)


  5. Ever heard of White Flight...??
    That's not one or two white racists.
    It's mainstream white America voting with its feet.....


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