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June 25, 2012

by DailyKenn.com

Juan DelValle's final moments were caught on video.

Bus driver Juan DelValle's life
effectively ends as his head 
slams onto the pavement.  
His black attacker looms over him.
The 65-year-old school-bus driver was punched so hard by a black male that he lapsed into a coma. DelValle never regained consciousness and died days later in the hospital.

The incident was caught on video. 

DelValle was maneuvering his bulky school bus along a narrow New York street. A double-parked vehicle made DelValle's task near impossible. After the bus broke the parked car's mirror, DelValle climbed out of his bus to investigate. The car's outraged black owner punched him to the pavement.

Arrested is 30-year-old Joey Scott.

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