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May 22, 2012


218 million Africans -- nearly one-fourth of the population -- are malnourished.

That's the conclusion of a United Nations report published Monday.

Daouda Toure, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) director, used the term "food security" to describe the problem. As long as I can recall, Africa has always been challenged by a shortage of basic necessities.

I'm baffled.

We are permitted, even encouraged, to admit the obvious: Sub-Saharan Africans are facing a food security crisis. 

We are not permitted, even discouraged, to admit the obvious: There was no food security crisis under white management. 

Food security was no problem in Rhodesia, for example, when that nation flourished under Ian Smith and his British-friendly government. However, when Robert Mugabe's government displaced white control, his nation lapsed into a black hole of poverty, destitution and depravity. 

Some point to the wealth of nations as relative to average intelligence to explain the ongoing food security problem in Africa. However, the average IQ in Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) is only 66. Yet that nation thrived under the leadership of Ian Smith's government. A nation with a low average IQ could feed itself and prosper when managed by a minority of competent people. 

In simple terms, the white minority had the smarts to manage Rhodesia properly.  Minority white rule did not cause food scarcity in Rhodesia. Rather, minority white rule resolved food scarcity.

International pressure, driven by the conviction that one-man, one-vote democracy was the only moral form of government, prevailed. White rule was forced to succumb to majority rule. Recall that Henry Kissinger played a significant role in convincing Smith to step aside. 

The presumption was that white ingenuity could be supplanted with black ingenuity. After all,  whites comprised only 4 percent of Rhodesia's population. Surely there were enough intelligent black Rhodesians to replace them. 

Robert Mugabe was typical of the African intellectual. He was a child prodigy who invested much of his life learning and accumulating degrees. Mugabe earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Fort Hare in 1951. He later earned six additional degrees through distance learning including a Bachelor of Administration and Bachelor of Education from the University of South Africa and a Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Laws and Master of Laws (earned while in prison), and Master of Science (earned during his premiership of Zimbabwe) all from the University of London External Program.

Zimbabwe's economy floundered in spite of black intellectual capital. In fact, Mugabe's sole accomplishment was achieving a high level of literacy among his people relative to other black African nations. 

What went wrong? 

The moral mandate of democratic rule had been met. The white colonists had been routed. (Actually, many were murdered). At least one black intellectual had his hands on the nation's reins. 

Though internationally recognized as a white-hating racist, Mugabe embraced the absurd notions of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and Joseph Stalin. In other words, white rule was still in play. Ian Smith was out and Karl Marx was posthumously and vicariously in charge of the nation. 

The food security crisis that still prevails in sub-Saharan Africa can be resolved if the lessons learned in Zimbabwe were heeded.

Those lessons are:

• White free-market colonialism fed the continent; black Marxism starved it.
• Democracy does not translate into national well being. 
• Populations with low average intellects can learn to read, but they can't feed themselves.
• A small class of people with average or above intellects is sufficient to feed a nation.
• If that class of people is corrupt, food security will not be achieved.
• Billion of dollars in aid will not resolve the problem.
• The problem will persist as long as open, honest dialog is suppressed. 

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  1. buckeyecopperheadMay 22, 2012 at 5:43 AM

    Which is why I don't feel too guilty about *not* sending charitable money to starving Africans, as it will just end up in the hands of white-hating Marxists.

  2. They could also try not having more children. Just a thought.

  3. Hundreds of thousands of murderous Black African Zanu PF party members have stupidly been allowed asylum here in the UK.
    White English voters have never been given the opportunity to vote on this massive influx of Alien Enemies.
    For these Zanu PF Blacks are the very criminals who murdered, raped, pillaged & plundered & stole the land from over 10,000 White English/Rhodesian/Zimbabwe farmers, thru a long reign of real Black on White terror, totally unreported.
    Similar data re: White Farmer victims & Atrocities by Blacks on White Farmers applies to South Africa also.
    They are mostly centred in Essex & London, each adult on average being doled £29,000 , $46,000! p.a.with Free health care, Free Education, Free housing!
    They are slick at credit card theft, Identity theft & massive welfare benefit fraud...
    The Zimbabweans play every PC trick & Human Rights gambit known, & get totally free Legal aid to pursue their criminal aims.
    They have created a massive climate of terror, crime & intimidation in the host sucker English nation, just the same as Britain's other 10,000,000 unwanted, un-voted for totally Alien Muslims, Nigerians,Pakistanis, Hindus, Bangladeshis, Sri- Lankans, Somalis, Ghanians, Indians, Sikhs, Chinese etc. etc.
    Britain is a tiny country of only 50,000 square miles with a population of c.70,000,000.
    Compare to Texas, England would fit in over 5 times! & Texas only has c.25,000,000 folks.
    England is flooded with more Immigrants than the entire United States.
    This is insanity perpetrated by dim wit sneaky loony Socialists & Conservatives.
    The indigenous White aboriginals' culture & lifestyle, trashed & ignored. A country our families' have fought for in countless wars & battles over nearly 10,000.
    Now we witness our entire heritage destroyed,& our blood soaked history being trashed.
    London's population is now over 60% foreigners, when the Alien pop. after World War 2 was less than 1%!
    There are many major cities in England where Aliens have thru massive birth output & illegal but ignored Polygamous marriages, each male Muslim having many wives & scores of children, & numerous homes, all paid for by the Tax payer.
    It is unbelievable but true.

  4. wow YORKSHIREMAN I see and know what is happening here in the USA and it is pissing me off beyond belief.....what you say is all true and I am sick and tired of my history and people getting pissed on day in and day out.....war will come sooner or later...I am sad to say but this is what happens with socialism.....OH wait excuse me let me just lay down and die and get out of your way NEW WORLD.....I am sorry for getting in the way of such a beautiful new world...And I have to say once OBAMA was put in he was the speed things it doesn't matter if OBAMA loses ....PANDORAS BOX has already been opened and it can't be closed...

  5. Thanks for the article. The writer, obviously is either on crack/meth, is totally ignorant and full of racism, or is a slick writer pushing Black inferiority but knows better. The writer IGNORES that Africa is being raped every second by white run corporations, Saudi and Chinese Corporations, that are taking out the oil, bauxite, copper, diamonds, etc. The writer also ignores that Africa was divided by Europe and Saudi Arabia (and now even China is down there doing damage) to the detriment of the tribes and customs, and often led to battles as artificial borders were put in place. Further, the fact that much of Africa is not best suited for sustainable agriculture, is left out of the equation. Additionally, in the case of America and Canada, these lands were stolen from Natives, were it not for that, the benefits whites here receive would be much smaller in number. Further, there was the Irish Potato famine, and other times when Europeans were in caves, etc. The famine, etc in Africa is not an indication of their lack of intellect but of various environmental and imperial powers KEEPING THEM IN PERPETUAL SUFFERING (mixed with some pseudo religious notions that keep many from thinking proactively but only thinking future heavenly.) But yes Africans should get some blame also, for believing that most of their present leaders are not SELL OUTS.

  6. Anonymous tell your brothers to start wearing condoms they are freely distributed, that would be a great start.I've never understood how a PERPETUAL SUFFERING NATION keeps breeding at the rate that rabbits do.STOP having SO MANY children.

  7. Many consider Africa's population growth a bit frightening, with predictions placing the continent's population at 1.9 billion by 2050. By 2100, 3/4 of the world's growth is expected to come from Africa, reaching 4.1 billion people by 2100 to claim over one third of the world's population. Most countries will at least triple in population as the region has very high fertility rates and very little family planning in most regions.