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May 2, 2012


Black teens engaged in a violent brawl in recently days, closing down a family carnival in the Detroit area.

Three violent black flash mobs were reported in Oregon's local press as hordes of teens converged on convenient stores, stealing with impunity, assaulting employees and destroying property.

In Virginia this week a newspaper writer broke her silence to report a violent black mob that had earlier assaulted her co-workers after they, ironically, had attended a presentation at the Attucks Theatre.

Such brazen acts of group violence are common in America. What's more, they are uniquely black. Other ethnic groups simply do not engage in violent crime to the same extent as blacks.

The criminal acts of violence were simultaneously committed in various regions of the country, discounting notions of cultural influence and reinforcing the proposition that such behavior is genetic.

That's not to say that all black people are criminals; nor are all criminals black.

Still, blacks commit a disproportionate number of crimes. 

A statistic I frequently cite is from the U.S. Dept. of Justice. Between 1974 and 2004, 52.2% of homicides in America were committed by blacks. Most are committed by black males, age 18 to 49 who comprise about three percent of the population. When about half of homicides are consistently committed by about three percent of the population, year after year, the trend is undeniable. 

Entire books have been written detailing criminal statistics relating to race. The facts confirm that black criminal activity is -- and has been -- epidemic. For example, in 2009 39.4% of America's prison population was black while only 13% of the general population was black. Again, young black males are over represented. For males in their thirties, blacks are about seven times more likely to have a prison record that Whites. 

Various explanations have been offered to explain the imbalance of black crime.

Van Jones simply denies the fact, calling it an "assumption" born of stereotyping. 

Newsweek magazine's skirts most black crime to focus on black-on-black crime. It cites a 2007 Bureau of Justice Statistics report that reveals 8,000 to 9,000 black-on-black homicides occur annually. 

The severity of black crime is discomforting. White Americans are mentally conditioned to cringe and complain at any reference of race, lest they be tarnished with the sin of racism. Consequently, the epidemic is often ignored; serious solutions not considered.

When a young White teenager was beaten to death by a black mob in Virginia, the national news media turned a blind eye and deaf ear. James Robertson Jr., 19, was beaten to death in 2007 by a black mob that stripped, robbed and assaulted him along with his cousin and a friend. Two black females, Nichelle Carter and Shakida Bowers, were convicted. They are two of the 11 people charged in the case.

To grasp the full impact of Robertson's murder, imagine the image of young man close to you. It may be a son, a brother, a cousin or a close friend. Replace James Robertson's name with the name of person whose image is in your mind. Imagine that person being beaten, robbed to the point of being stripped naked, and left to die in the streets by a mob of black thugs.

As your mind stares at the image of your loved one lying mangled and dead in a pool of his own blood, you hear the laughs and taunts of his killers. To them it is another night on the streets; another nameless White boy beaten for sport.

Decades of White guilt evaporate. The absurdities of White privilege become apparent. Hollywood's delusions lose their grip on your mind and become, instead, repulsive. The distortions of history revisionists become vividly clear as the reality of your loved one's brutal murder -- and those of hundreds of others -- become inescapable realities.

Such atrocities occur daily. White-on-black mob attacks can only be seen in movie theaters, the product of a mind-bending Hollywood  agenda.

Though mentally conditioned to be mute about black crime, and emotionally laden with layers of guilt, White people remain cognitive of the menace. Most intentionally avoid extended interactions in black neighborhoods and many seek refuge by physically moving to Whitopia.

Inwardly perplexed, White America faces the dilemma of black crime. Unfortunately we have been successfully hushed, reticent to dare even utter the obvious realities of black crime.

This article is one of a growing number of exceptions.

Black crime is epidemic. It spawns thousands of deaths each year, many of those innocent White victims. It cost billions of dollars annually in both direct loss, required law enforcement and incarceration expense. It is an undue burden on our culture.

First, let's address the question, "Why are blacks so mean?"

Surprisingly there is no direct correlation between race and violent crime. The correlation exists, but is secondary.

Arthur Jensen, Professor Emeritus of educational psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, explains that people with IQs between 70 and 90 are more likely to commit violent acts of crime than those with higher or lower IQs. Crime, therefore, is intellectual, not racial.

The conclusion is that blacks commit a disproportionate number of violent crimes, not because they are black, but because a disproportionate number of blacks have IQs between 70 and 90. American blacks have an average IQ of 85. Because White people have an average IQ of about 100 (106 for Asians), they are less likely to commit crime.

Second, let's address the question, "What can be done about violent black crime?"

Dr. William Bradford Shockley Jr., the Nobel Prize winning physicist, noticed that blacks with lower intellects were bearing more children per capita than blacks with higher intellects. Because intelligence is genetic, Shockley predicted the average intelligence in the black community would continue to decline.

From Wikipedia's account, "According to the 1970 Census, unskilled and skilled whites had on average 3.7 and 2.3 children, respectively, whereas the corresponding numbers for blacks were 5.4 and 1.9. Because IQ is a heritable trait, Shockley expressed concern that the black population would become progressively less intelligent [and] proposed that individuals with IQs below 100 be paid to undergo voluntary sterilization."

In other words, the prevailing high rate of violent crime characteristic of black America can be reduced by applying a policy of (pardon the offensive term) planned parenthood.

We know why "black people are so mean." We also know how to greatly reduce violent crime among blacks and other ethnic groups.

The third question that arises is: Do we have the national will and courage to take affirmative steps to address the issue?


  1. Great write up.

    Harsh but necessary policies never get implemented unless there's a big enough crisis that inflicts widespread/universal harm. Unfortunately I think our current dysgenic process is still in its infancy.

  2. Have you looked at the correlation to being raised in single-parent vs two-parent households?

    Paying people for voluntary sterilization sounds like it might improve the human race, but where would that lead? Paying high IQ people to reproduce? Eventually the smart people would ask why the dumb people are being paid at all and claim it should be mandatory for all of them...

  3. You left out the end game after the "white guilt" evaporates in the face of the reality of black criminality aimed at whites - it will not be blacks in the streets anymore, it will be whites cleaning up the problem at it's source.

  4. Black contributions to America....
    Crime and Violence
    Pants hanging down to knees
    Single family households
    Affirmative Action

    1.Black women MUST have at least five kids by at least three different men by the age of 21.
    2.It is perfectly acceptable to gun down your best friend in a dispute over a crack whore, a piece of chicken.
    3.Always struggle with the police during your arrest.
    4.The more sex partners a black woman has, the higher status she has.
    5.Claim that whites put drugs in black neighborhoods to keep them down.
    6.Justify all crimes you've committed by blaming white people for holding you back.
    7.Blacks should always be loud in public places, and always try to cut in line at movie theaters, convenience stores, and restaurants, and then pick a fight with someone when they say something.
    8.Celebrate your false heroes such as Martin Luther King, Jr., and show a false sense of unity with your fellow negroes. The very next day, return to your true ways and kill, rob, and rape…
    9.Blacks operating a motor vehicle should slam on the brakes purposely to cause an accident, and then act injured. Again, the victim should be white, and again, you will sue.
    10.Walk into the department store of choice and shoplift, and get ready to CHIMPOUT if you are caught.

    1. wow you just described in detail what its like in Alabama..esp #7 if im white id better move out of their way.

  5. Why is it that certain cultures within America see a gun as a primary tool to be used during a crime or anti-social pursuits; whereas, other American cultures see a gun and consider it to be representative of the second amendment . . . . for hunting, sport, or for security measures?