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May 30, 2012

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hon. Rep. John Lewis
343 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Dear. Rep. Lewis,

If you're going to concoct and spread disgusting lies about Tea Party members, why settle for a simple whopper?

Why not make it a super whopper?

In March, 2010, you spread the nonsense that Tea Partiers were shouting the 'n' word and spitting on black congressional delegates. Video of the encounter, of course, proved you were either lying or repeating lies from other sources. The matter was closed.

Then yesterday you did it again.

Here's my advice. Since you insist on spreading idiotic lies about patriotic white Americans, you may as well make them HUGE!

The more devious and dubious the lie, the more likely the liberal media will spread it.

Recall, for example, the Tawana Brawley allegations. That was the black girl who made up a story about being raped by six white men. And don't forget Rodney King. He was taking a casual drive when big, bully white cops ran him off the road and whooped up on him because they are racists. The media said it, the world believed it, and that settled it. Then there was the Trayvon 911 tape that was doctored by NBC. What the media says, the world believes. So you may as well pull out all the stops.

People will believe anything the media reports.

So here's the story I suggest: You were on your way home from an NAACP meeting when you met up with group of black youths for a lovely dinner at Denny's. During your polite conversation, the white bully manager kicked you out because he's a white racist. Your group of black teens decided to spend the evening attending a Duke Lacrosse match. But, alas, the match was cancelled because the white Lacrosse payers were busy raping a nice negro girl from the neighborhood. So your group hopped aboard the bus where they were assaulted by a crazy racist white man named Bernhard Goetz. You took the teens to your congressional office for a lively discussion on resolving world poverty. As you were approaching your office an angry mob of old white people emerged from a dark alley and began whooping on you and your young friends. Sadly, the teens were lynched to death, but you were allowed to live to tell the story and instill fear in hearts of Negros.

Thank you for your kind consideration.


PS - Don't worry about details. The media won't investigate and, if they do, they won't report inconsistencies.

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  1. Mark Twain marvelled that since the Revolution, America had never developed a native criminal class...with the exception of Congress.