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May 21, 2012

by DailyKenn.com

Marvin Winans is not a man to be messed with. 

He's big, black and -- if appearance is a reliable indicator -- a man who can take you out in one punch. Permanently.

But when ten black thugs spotted Winans in a gas station, they saw an easy target.

The point is this: If young black thugs don't mind assaulting one of their own, particularly a man with Winans' Goliath girth, they won't mind assaulting you.

Winan's story has moderately raised media eyebrows because of his fame. He's noted not only as a pastor, but as a popular gospel singer. This is the guy who gave the eulogy at Whitney Houston's funeral. That status earned him considerable ink in some of the nation's leading newspapers, TV interviews about his ordeal, and an abundance of Internet buzz. 

The story unfolded when Winans stopped at a gas station in a crime-ridden neighborhood to fuel his SUV. Once inside he noted the store was fitted with bullet proof glass. The presence of ten young black males explained the extra security. 

He sensed something wasn't right. 

"When I opened the door (to the gas station), I said, 'Uh oh.'"

Let's pause.

Why is it that a black man has an 'uh-oh' moment when spotting young black males, but the inner voice of many white people says nothing beyond a gut-wrenching, guilt-ridden rebuke for having racist, prejudice thoughts?

Having forked over $40 for fuel, Winans made his way to the pump and began feeding his SUV. Two of the three attackers began hitting his face. Once on the ground, he was kicked. They stole money, credit cards, a cell phone, a watch and carjacked his vehicle. All three were arrested.

I wonder. Will the media parade the attackers' grannies on the nightly news, explaining that they're really good boys? Will there be childhood photos of the hoodlums with every news report? Will they accuse Rev. Winans of provoking the attack by using the 'n' word?

And another thought comes to mind. 

Had Winans been armed, stood his ground when the punching started, and shot one of the assailants, would Al Sharpton clamored for his arrest on murder charges? 


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  1. Maybe this is what it takes. It's what they like to call the "chickens coming home to roost" when a white man gets the same treatment. Well, buckwheat, the Chickens are coming home to roost. If they don't wise up and handle their problem they may be forced to move into a white neighborhood for their own safety - lol.


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