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May 11, 2012


My question for the Muslim Council of Britain: What did you expect?

Nine men were convicted of wooing white girls as young as eleven years old into prostitution. Some folks got upset. And that upsets the spokesman for the Muslim Council of Britain. 

Again. What did you expect?

What prompted the Muslim outrage was a crowd of Britons who expressed themselves at the Liverpool crown court where the nine were convicted of their crimes. The crowd numbered in the hundreds.

Let's recap for clarity.

Muslim thugs prostitute white girls; some as young as eleven.
A few Britons show up at the trial to express their dismay with the Muslims.
Those Britons are demonized as haters, racists, xenophobes, bigots, etc.

• The death of a nation

The disappearance of England under a smog of immigrants bent on gaming the system has forced most of Europe into culture shock from which it may never recover. Some people are bothered. Why shouldn't they be?

Britain's history is traceable for 5,000 years, even longer to those who care to delve into the nuances of prehistory. That legacy spanning hundreds of generations is being eradicated before our very eyes, within our generation. The prodigy of British history is expected to remain hushed and accept their demise with stoic resolve. Or, as the Brits used to say, with a stiff upper lip. To do otherwise is to be demonized as a racists; as hatemongers.

Britons are summarily accused of purveyors of "hate" when they voice their objection to their millenia-old culture being colonized by peoples who neither understand nor respect their rule of law or cultural polity.

Those who dare to be forthright may even face prison.

Jacqueline Woodhouse made headlines after expressing herself on the the London Underground, viz, subway. Woodhouse's free speech was video logged and posted on YouTube where it went viral. Now, months after her ride into infamy, Woodhouse is facing prison. Her crime? She's a racist!

There is no expletive in the English language synonymous with the term 'irony,' but if there were, this would be the place to use it.

An entire nation is raped and ravaged and all is well. A few brave British souls dare object and they are demonized as racists.

Have we gone mad?

Protesters dared notice that the abuse of white children by Muslim immigrants is despicable. Those protesters are summarily being dismissed as haters. They are members of "far right groups," we were told, who are "exploiting" the situation.

To those foolish enough to believe the tabloids, the entire Muslim community is being dragged through the mud by white people who notice that abusing white children is wrong.

Yes, we've gone mad.

• Helpline for hate

Faith Matters set up a new helpline to monitor anti-Muslim attacks. Evoking the phrase Islamophobic hatred, spokesman Fiyaz Mughal lamented the British National Party and the English Defense League in their expressions of dismay over the course of Britain, the abuse of white children in particular.

I wonder: Has anyone established a helpline for little white girls being groomed for prostitution by a Muslim mafia? Has anyone set up a helpline to monitor anti-British attacks? If they had, would the episode that led to the conviction of nine Muslims been averted? Or would such help-lines be demonized as another example of silly white Britons behaving like hateful racists?

I also wonder, had such a helpline been employed early in 2011, would the black riots that ravaged Britain that summer been avoided? I wonder if the white people who were beaten, robbed, raped and, in some cases, murdered during the violence would have avoided being subjected to such abject hatred.

There was no helpline for Henry Webster, the schoolboy attacked by a Muslim mob in 2007. Webster suffered a fractured skull when a Muslim mob bashed his head with a hammer in Wiltshire.

There was no helpline for Laura Wilson, the 17-year-old who was silenced by murder when she revealed her romantic relationship and love child to the family of Ashtiaq Ashgar. Laura was lured to the canal in Rotherham in South Yorkshire where Ashgar killed her and dumped her body in the water. Ashgar was sentenced to seventeen years for the murder. Laura will remain dead forever.

Here's a video of a white man enduring an unprovoked attack by a mob of black yobs. Where was the helpline? Where were the accusations of racism? The condemnation of racial hatred?

And I wonder still: If Faith Matters had existed in Nazi Germany, would the organization have criticized Jews for being intolerant, hateful and racist? Would it have established a helpline for Nazis being persecuted by those Jews?

Think about it. A woman expresses herself in a tipsy rant aboard a commuter train and draws prison time. Hundreds of blacks literally run riot throughout England and little is said and less is done regarding their overt racial hatred.

• Help for Heritage

Did I say 'irony'? Perhaps hypocrisy would be more appropriate.

The media vicariously busies itself expressing disgust over white Britons who want nothing more than preserve their heritage and their culture. They are right to want to preserve their heritage. What's wrong with that?

The Muslim incursion into Britain is troublesome, to say the least. More alarming is what bodes for Britain's future. As Islamization becomes the fate of Europe, the cultural pain so familiar with current Muslim nations will befall Britain and all of Europe.

Intolerance in the Islamosphere is ignored, let alone labeled as 'hate'. In Iran, for example, the secret police are cracking down on Christian converts. In Nigeria Muslims set fire to a church and shot parishioners as they fled.

Is there a helpline in Iran to combat Christohobic hatred? In Nigeria? Are Britons expressing dismay with Muslim pedophiles somehow more hateful than Muslims burning churches?

It's not the protests of the BNP and EDL that is reprehensible, it is the wholesale destruction of Britain that demands to be called into question.

If any fault is to be found in the crowd that came to the Liverpool crown court to express their outrage at their nation's destruction, it is found in the fact that they numbered in the hundreds. There should have been tens of thousands.

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  1. I don't see anything wrong with Woodhouse being punished for her behavior, she was not protesting in a civilized manner... she was just randomly insulting people. The issue is that minorities are allowed to freely engage in similar behavior and incite racial hatred towards whites without equal punishment. You can see the same double standard with responses to Anti-Christian vs Muslim 'hatred'.

    The real problem Muslims have is that the so called 'peaceful' ones do not speak out against violence perpetrated by the so called 'extremist' ones when the victims are non-Muslims. Their silence speaks louder than words, it demonstrates not just tolerance, but almost conveys support. Then when you consider that silence in the face of thousands of examples each year of Mulsims abusing and murdering women, homosexuals, and non-Muslims around the globe, the only reasonable conclusion is that they are for anything but peace.

    1. The real problem with muslims is that people think there are good and bad ones when in fact the only difference is modern and fundamentalist. The modern ones can be appeased so they only rape 100 women a month instead of thousands by giving them things like welfare/dole, and doing what muslims want.

      The only choices you get for your peacefull dealing with muslims are 'death' or 'appeasement'.

    2. dumb response,what do you know, stop hating on people and read a book once i a while. you were probably molested by your father thats why you are so bitter at the world.

  2. Anonymous White MaleMay 11, 2012 at 10:34 PM

    What apparently has gone completely over your head is that her "insulting" people, which you don't seen to have a problem with jail time or a prison term for (not to mention having her children taken from her), is enforced only because she is White and is not considered "insulting" behavior but instead is "RACISM".

  3. I see plenty wrong with someone being jailed for behavior that should only amount to barely a slap on the wrist. Farce of justice. The mentality of some seems to be "Please, sir, May I have another?". Congrats to those that find their sack or backbone and stand up. Political Correctness run wild.

  4. I watched the videos on youtube... if that happened on a NY subway the punishment likely would have come in the form of a severe beating on the spot, or maybe even her death.

    I don't know what you are talking about with jail or a prison term - she hasn't even been sentenced yet. Does she need some for of punishment? Yes. So would a minority cursing out random people and complaining about whites. If her punishment ends up being more severe than what seems appropriate, keep in mind that the first time she did this a few years ago, she was only fined.

    I am all for standing up for what is right, but if you get drunk and 'stand up' like this for those of us who dislike the double standards and 'political correctness run wild' - well, you are not gonna have my support. I would say sit down and STFU you stupid drunk b!tch.

    1. Anonymous White MaleMay 13, 2012 at 3:23 PM

      If you don't know that I'm talking about with jail or prison term, then you are not very informed.

      A woman shown in a recent YouTube video clip hurling racist abuse at Asian passengers on the London Underground has appeared in court and now faces jail sentence after she admitted to the charge against her.

      She will be sentenced on May 29. She was ordered to keep a daily curfew between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., and is being monitored by electronic tag.

      Read more:

      While she has not been sentenced yet, it is a very good possibility she will do jail time, and you don't see any problem with that, which is what is really scary. Are you a Paki or a black?

      I;ll try again to see if you are capable of getting it: She is being disciplined because she is White, not because she insulted anyone as anyone that has been insulted in public by blacks knows. But, you don't seem to have a problem with insulting anyone yourself, as your response shows. You seem incapable of recognizing that government control of White people while ignoring even worse behavior in negroes is the issue. Also, this was done in Britain where thought crimes are enforced, while muslims and blacks can engage in any behavior they want. Apparently, the laws only apply to those that will obey them and finance their enforcement.

    2. That is what I meant Kenn, she has not been sentenced... I understand she faces jail time, but the first time she did this she was only fined. You are a reasonable man, would you get drunk and curse out strangers a second time and not expect to punished more severely than the first?

      AWM - I also stated very clearly that minorities should be punished the same way. I don't know why you think I am OK with the double standard, I am not. I think Anti-Christian attackers should be punished the same way Anti-Muslim attackers are too. I think we are in agreement that non-Whites should receive punishment for anti-White behavior, but what I can't tell is if you think its OK to get drunk and curse out strangers. I am all for standing up for injustice, and for Whites who want to stand up against this crazy reverse racism PC BS that is everywhere, but if you are prudent, then you should at least be able to understand why putting the chips on the drunk repeat offender is something I choose not to do. If she was sober, giving a public speech addressing these immigration and racial topics in a civilized manner, and THEN they punished her - well of course she would have my full support. But if she did that, she likely would not have been fined the first time, and she would not be facing jail time now. Its not her message I have a problem with, it was her delivery that I can't support. Also, to be clear, if jail time was on the table for her first offense, I would probably be more sympathetic to your perspective and consider it excessive.

  5. Anonymous White MaleMay 13, 2012 at 10:45 PM

    But minorities are not punished in the same way, are they? So fess up: What race are you? What need do you have to "punish" people with jail time or forfeiture of children for expressing their opinion? In the past, societies have been able to police themselves due to public opprobrium. Since there is no longer "ONE PEOPLE", statists like you think this should be turned over to Big Brother. All you do is feed the beast by giving up more power to them. Animals have rioted and raped and done things in England and yet nothing is done that has any effect on them. By all means, let's punish White women for speaking their mind to some aliens that shouldn't even be there.