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May 5, 2012


The media made much ado last week about a woman addicted to bronzing herself at a tanning salon. The rift, you recall, was not that she was obsessed with her skin tone, but that her small daughter was burned while waiting on Mommy.

Patricia Krentcil's was arrested after her daughter showed up at primary school with a sun burn. The school nurse checked her calendar, the weather; then called the cops. 

My question to Patricia: Why can't you be content with yourself . . . as you are?

• Human nature

Also last week were the headlines regarding the squaw-wanna-be. 

Apparently not content to be a Caucasian, Elizabeth Warren has spent much of her 62 years telling folks she is part Cherokee and part Delaware Indian. 

That fact that virtually every White American has a trace of Indian heritage seemed to be lost on her. Pretending to be someone you're not while running for U.S. Senate is a bad idea. That also seemed to be lost on her. 

My question to Elizabeth: Why can't you be content with yourself . . . as you are?

The problem of self-rejection isn't limited to women. 

Ohio congressman John Boehner seems to have an perennially unnatural tan. Some men invest hours each week in body-building sessions trying to morph into a mass of bulk. 

And for what? To look good at the beach? Wouldn't it be easier to wear a shirt?

No, I'm not dissing self-improvement. Taking positive steps to enhance one's quality of life is not only commendable, it is recommended. Lose weight, dress sharp, clip the hair out of your nose and step into the shower. Daily. 

The outcome is not only a healthier, better you; it is also a courtesy to those around us. Some of us can't help but to be eyesores; but we can take positive steps to enhance our personal product. 

The problem arises when we cross the line.

• Objective to obsession to agitation

Some bodybuilders, for example, cross a line into obsession, spending thousands on supplements and more on steroids. The obsession replaces the objective: To enhance one's quality of life. Living in a gym and draining one's bank account is generally not considered quality of life. 

We are obsessed with cosmetic surgery, tweaking body parts for appearance only. Sometimes it's needed. Usually, it's not. The problem, again, is we are discontent with ourselves. 

Such is human nature. And the agitators who sit to the left of the isle use it to their advantage.

• The Alinsky strategy

It's a trick in their tool box that was learned from master manipulator Saul Alinsky

Obama's supposed "War on Women" is a classic example. Convince women they are objects of exploitation and deprivation, and you have a discontented voter base ready and willing to pull your lever in the voting booth.

Why does it work? Because we are all natural malcontents. There is a Patricia Krentcil and Elizabeth Warren residing in all of us; a component of malcontention susceptible to agitation.

Years ago my neighbor lady complained that the plumber was overcharging her; taking advantage of her because, she said, "I am a woman."

I explained to her that the same plumber had overcharged me as well. My neighbor's gender was wholly unrelated, but she was convinced, nonetheless.

Obama's "War on Women" works because he agitates women into believing it is "because I am a woman."  

Convince minorities that they are down-trodden and deprived of social justice. They'll be as discontent as the woman who lives in a tanning booth seeking a darker complexion . . . or "social justice."

The Alinksy strategy is to intentionally push people over the line into the sphere of self-obsession. It is there that they can be driven by agitation.

They get their vote by getting their attention. And they get their attention by convincing them they are victims of racism, discrimination and White privilege.

They are like the neighbor who said, ". . . because I am a woman." Replace woman with black, gay, Hispanic, old, young, or whatever.

The intent is to exploit our natural tendency to feel deprived. It's a strategy employed by politicians (and cult leaders) who prey on our base insecurities.

The antidote is to discard our insecurities, be content with who we are as we are. 

• Because I am white

The Alinksy strategy can not only be employed to stir our malcontentions to fight, it can also effectively force us to flight.

White people are among the most gullible. We've emotionally absorbed the nonsense that we are innately flawed. We are racists, privileged and blind to the needs of other ethnic groups.

Rather than being agitated towards aggression, white people have been agitated towards submission.

What's more, we're dumb enough to go along with it!


  1. Finally a site that explains things the way they are and not through the lens of self loathing white elites. Guilt ridden limousine libs like
    Brian Williams (former Jimmy Carter intern), Diane Sawyer (former Nixon gofer, Nixon the guy who gave us affirmative action) and all the rest. Blast the story of the "man bites dog" i.e. a white person kills a black for days and months on end, but ignore the daily slaughter of whites by ghetto racist thugs, illegal alien criminals and ladle on the guilt to gullible, brain washed white students.

    When you actually look at the effete liberals, none of them does anything for the so-called down trodden. They live with high dollar security and never, ever get their hands dirty to help anyone. Secure behind their gates, diversity is for the rest of us. Even that ultimate scum bag, tax cheat, Al Sharpton sends his kids, like Obama to private,99% white majority private schools. Do you think these elites ever venture into the hood? Not on their life.

    If Sharpton, Jackson and all the rest want a race war for Trayvon, let's give them one. Plenty of whites are very well armed and know how to use their weapons without tilting their handgun 45 degrees like the gang bangers. I feel sorry for the good black people like Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams, who get tarred by the animalistic behavior of the flash mobs.

    Keep up the good work at dailykenn. I love it.