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May 30, 2012


The problem with conspiracy theories is they distract us.

They are red herrings that lead us off course; the epoch sirens that cause us to crash on the rocks.

The problem with dismissing conspiracy theories is that they often contain more than a grain of truth. 

The Bilderberg group that's meeting near Washington, D.C. this week is a case in point. Those who participate in these meetings are among the highest level decision makers in the world. 

Still, to suppose this A-list group of notables somehow constitutes an International congress that controls the rest of us seems a bit far-fetched. But they are up to something. After all, the group does exist, they do meet and there is a purpose. 

On the one hand . . . 

If they are so secret, how does Alex Jones seems to know where to find them? Are they so dumb they can't shake off a blogger? And if they're that dumb, can they be that dangerous? 

If it's meant to be a tightly concealed conclave of decision makers, why are they gathering in a hotel? Wouldn't a private residence with armed guards and Dobermans be more secure? Maybe a chateau in the Alps, a private island, or a secluded ranch in Montana?

If they don't want us to know that they're up to something, why do they show up in limos? I can't think of a more 'look at me' moment than passing Alex and his bullhorn with one's face in full view of dozens of camera snappers. 

On the other hand . . . 

They do convene each year. That fact, alone, should force our attention. Those who've passed the bullhorn in the past include Bill Clinton, Henry Kissinger, Margaret Thatcher and dozens of other heads of state. The list of attendees also includes prime business, economic, military and media leaders. 

Of the hundreds of world leaders that attend the Bilderberg events, none care to talk about what was talked about. Furthermore the meeting is significant enough for world leaders to clear their schedules to attend. 

Looking a the list of known attendees, I can't help but notice the Bilderberg club is comprised exclusively of Western interests. Unless my eyes missed something, there is no representation from China, Japan or anywhere in the Far East. What's more I saw none from the Middle East, South or Central America, Africa or any third world nation. The group's web site bills it as an exclusive "American-European forum."

So what are these people doing in a hotel within earshot of Washington this week? Why is the media ignoring a gathering of so many International notables? Is this a defacto world congress plotting out our future? An uppity frat party? Or something in between?

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  1. Like in the book “Fleecing the Lambs” maybe the folks that attend the Bilderberg events, like to rub it into our faces that they have some kind of power. Why don’t they find an island so no one can even get a glimpse? Well, like a cow is corralled for slaughter, some might look into the cows eyes before the life ending deed is done.

    I don’t personally follow the dirty dancing of the OWS folks, but let’s see if they occupy Bilderberg, if not why? That would be the most important question. Who is telling them not too?

    If money is power, and power is money, do the powerful money players; play with the hard working underlings like a game? Is the gambit the money or the power?

    Knowledge is power.

    Could I attain enough knowledge by reading the DailyKenn daily, so one day a Bilderberg pow-wow will be on my schedule?

    I’ll keep reading and keep my schedule: Clear.

    powerlessberg in NJ

  2. "off-the-record" is stated 3 times on the group's home page. So, first, if they are a secret group, why have a website? Second, my guess is, they would like to have some time where they can talk to each other without worrying about hot mic gaffes setting back some sort of political talk to get something resolved.

    I'm still trying to figure out what the end game would be. It's not like anyone could forcefully take over America without getting a large amount of lead in response.

    1. yes, they know that they could never overtake America in short time. They are doing it incrementally. That's why most Americans have no clue what's going on. They are not paying attention. The only way to see what's happening is to study daily events.

  3. Here is a recent news article about the US and Europe pressuring banks to buy govt debt.

    Maybe this is the western countries banding together to discuss finances and strategy to protect their interests. In light of the dollar being refused in Asia and to expats and the decline of the euro.

    here is a youtube video called The Money Masters: