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May 6, 2012

by DailyKenn.com

While the TSA busies itself at airports scanning old ladies and patting down toddlers, Americans are dodging terrorists of a different kind; the kind the TSA is afraid to tackle. 

These are the black guys in hoodies; thugs who terrorize neighborhoods with violence, crime, rape and murder. 

Yes, I realize that not all black are criminals, nor all criminals black. I also recognize an ongoing crime spree that threatens the security of our homes, businesses and neighborhoods; and Homeland Security seems helpless to help. 

Let's scratch the surface of this weekend's terror.

• Hoodie terrorist report number 1 - 

An Hispanic man in Allentown, Pennsylvania was the victim of a hoodie terrorist. Police found the victim sprawled in the street, his body punctured by numerous bullet holes. Police records included this report: "black male wearing a black, hooded sweatshirt who was seen running north on Church Street immediately after shots rang out." The victim was rushed to a local hospital for emergency surgery and remains in critical condition. [Source]

• Hoodie terrorist report number 2 - 

The South Pasadena police blotter reveals hoodie terrorists at work in their corner of the world. 

A black male wearing a hoodie entered the Dinosaur Farm and helped himself to the contents of the cash register. I have no idea what the Dinosaur Farm happens to be.

Vana Watch and Jewelry (on the same street as the Dinosaur Farm) was terrorized by a black male wearing a hoodie. The thief helped himself to two Rolex watches. An employee chased the terrorist but was deterred when a gun was pointed his direction. [Source]

• Hoodie terrorist report number 3 - 

A hoodie-clad black male pulled a gun during a heist at a 7-11 store in Charlestown, West Virginia. It turns out the employee recognized the thief in spite of his black mask . . . she lives with him. She called the cops who showed up at her apartment where they found clothing matching that of the hoodie terrorist. He was arrested. [Source]

• Hoodie terrorist report number 4 - 

Another act of hoodie terrorism was experience in Allentown, Pennsylanvia when a black male wearing a hoodie robbed the El Blanc corner store with a big knife. At first, the thief pretended to be a customer, then produced the knife, making off with cash. The owner pursued, but the bad guy got away. He was described as a black male about 40 years old wearing a hoodie. [Source]

• Hoodie terrorist report number 5 - 

Tacoma, Washington was the site of a hoodie terrorist attack. Two black males wearing hoodies burglarized a downtown audio store. Their images were captured by surveillance cameras. [Source]

In spite of continued crime being committed by black guys in hoodies, we are told that only racists would presume black guys in hoodies are bad guys in hoodies. 

The truth is, one's clothing often gives us a clue as to that individuals intent. A man wearing an army uniform may well be in the military. A man wearing a leather jacket, chromed Nazi helmet, 'Tootsie' tattooed on his left bicep, excessively excessive facial (and back) hair may be a Hell's Angel, particularly if his ensemble includes a hog. 

I doubt the 2nd Baptist Church in West Long Branch, New Jersey, will conduct a service featuring congregants wearing leather jackets and chrome helmets to draw attention to stereotyping Hells Angels.  What could be worse than motorcycle-gang profiling?

But they thought it constructive to fight racism and bigotry by showing up dressed like hoodie terrorists. 

I wonder if it occurs to them that they are not reducing a phobia; they are encouraging domestic terrorism. [Source]

Congregants at 2nd Baptist Church wear hoodies to protest
stereotyping of black guys in hoodies.
Next week they may show up in
leather jackets and and chromed Nazi helmets
to protest stereotyping of Hells Angels.

Here are few more weekend terror attacks . . .

Police probe link in three armed robberies
Suspects are described as three black males

Suspects sought in Graham armed robbery
Suspects are described as two black males

Men's refusal to buy alcohol for strangers turns deadly
Suspects are described as two black males

Witnesses sought after muggers attack school boy
London, England -Suspects are described as two black males

Rockford man treated for gun shot wound after home invasion
Suspects are described as three black males

Police: 2 armed robbers hit gas station in Wallkill
Suspects are described as two black males in hoodies

Charge: Rapist turned to pimping after prison
See photo

Man Robs Pump N Pantry In Lenox Township, PA
Suspect described as black male

46-year-old woman beaten, sexually assaulted on Southwest Side
Suspect described as a black male


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