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May 3, 2012


Most know that the 1992 Rodney King riots claimed 53 lives. 

Few are aware, however, that about half of those killed -- 25 -- were black. That's more than any other ethnic group.

The death statistics are as follows:

25 black
16 Hispanic (or Latino)
8 White
2 East Asian
1 Algerian 
1 Middle Asian

The popular notion that the riots were blacks punishing Whites with wrath and vengeance is misplaced. The black community vented its frustration on itself. 

Rev. Al Sharpton commemorated the Rodney King riots with a memorial service for Trayvon Martin in South Los Angeles. It appeared to many that Sharpton's appeals for peaceful protest were nothing more than legal maneuvers to protect himself from prosecution for instigating a violent uprising of blacks in the Los Angeles area, should one occur. 

If such a riot materialized, and if the consequences were identical to the violence in 1992, about 78 percent of lives lost would be black and Hispanic. Only 15 percent would be White.

The failed logic follows this thought: "White people need to learn they are not permitted to defend themselves against even one black aggressor. We will emphasize that thought by killing 25 additional blacks. And while we're at it, we'll burn down our own neighborhood. That'll teach 'em."

Is that what Rev. Sharpton really wants?

I'm  hoping that Sharpton is universally ignored and that NO lives are lost.

Be careful what you pray for, Mr. Sharpton. You may get it. 


  1. Amen, to everything you have said!

  2. Why do you pray that Sharpton is wrong if the outcome is as statistics predict? This is the best possible outcome. If a forest fire must rage, and it appears that it must, then what better place than the jungle? American blacks are the weather equivalent of a tornado - a slow motion tornado of destruction. We all see it coming, those of us that weren't unfortunate enough to be born black, that is. Am I advocating riots? No. But I'm not advocating hurricanes either, but better that they hit New Orleans than Houston.

    By the way, I like your website.

    The Senior Engineer

  3. And we will get a repeat of the 1968 elections after the Chicago riots when people who were fed up with the whole democrat supported mess voted in a republican.