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May 26, 2012

by DailyKenn.com

Had black women been beaten and murdered this week by whites, there would be nationwide riots. Every newscast would begin with the image of Al Sharpton's face buried in a black sea of outraged ministers and community leaders. 

I would be there with them. Sympathizing. Supporting.

That hypothetical will never be realized. White-on-black criminal violence is the stuff of Hollywood  script writers and academic revisionists. Only rarely does it happen in the real world and, when it does, it's red meat for the mulitculturalist media.

I don't find that bothersome. When white racists attack non-whites out of unwarranted bias there is cause to sound the alarm.

Bothersome is the inversion, or lack of it. When non-white racists attack white people, there is no alarm; not so much as a media head turn.

That is wrong.

Rather, folks like me who raise the issue suffer scorn for taking notice: White folks who notice black-on-white crime are racists? How so?

Seven facts about these crimes are:

1. White women were beaten and murdered by blacks recently and the national media gave these horrid incidents a pass as they do every week. 

2. There were no riots in the streets, no defender of white rights in a mass of white faces holding a news conference or leading a march.

3. Most of the attacks, rapes in particular, were reported without racial IDs of the victims or suspects. The actual number of white women being attacked by blacks is probably much higher than we know. (The media is sensitive to reporting black-on-white rapes. Recall the nationwide white riots of 1919 and the Tulsa Riot of 1921 were prompted by black males raping white women.)

4. There were no talking heads on cable news channels chatting up the latest beatings, murders and rapes of white women by violent black criminals.

5. White-on-black attacks against women simply don't occur outside Hollywood's imagination.

6. When Obama and his political handlers refer to a War on Women they are inciting a gender divide that wholly ignores the most serious crimes being committed against women.

7. No one seems to care about these attacks.

• GEORGIA, June 2012 -- A white pizza delivery driver was stabbed over 50 times. The victim was 27-year-old Elizabeth Hutcheson who was the mother of a 4-year-old son. Arrested were two black teenagers, Cadedra Cook and a 15-year-old black male. [Source]

• PENNSYLVANIA -- Among those beaten in recent days was an unnamed blond teenage girl. The young woman was an employee at a shopping mall in suburban Pittsburgh. After she confronted a black woman shoplifting, the black woman knocked her to the floor and viciously beat and kicked her while a bystander captured the crime on video. Not until the attacker began to wear down did a black male position himself between the blows and their target. [Source]

Had there been no video, even Daily Kenn wouldn't have heard about it. Wonder with me, if you will: How many such attacks occur that are unknown to us?

• INDIANA -- Among those murdered in recent days was a 24-year-old mother of two who worked as a waitress to support her children. The woman was accosted in an apartment complex hallway in front of her door. She was choked, beaten and shot in the back. The black attacker ended the young life and made off with her $85 earned from tips. [Source]

• JAPAN -- Black rap dancer James Blackston, 23, was arrested in Japan after the murder of Irish student Nicola Furlong, 21. The young white woman "was found dead in the early hours of Thursday morning after she attended a Nicki Minaj concert with a female friend, also a 21-year-old Irish student," according to news reports. [Source]

• TEXAS -- 76-year-old Nancy Harris was working at a convenience store when a black male doused her in a flammable liquid and set her ablaze. Harris remains in critical condition. Police say the motive was robbery. Suspect Matthew Lee Johnson, 36, was arrested on a criminal attempted capital murder charge. [Source]

In the above attacks, the victims were working white women, the attackers appeared to be "earning" their way in the world through theft. 

• MARYLAND -- A 28-year-old woman was stabbed multiple times during a home invasion on May 27. She was rushed to the hospital via ambulance. Her male companion was flown by medevac suffering gunshot wounds. "Detectives have learned that two black males forced in the rear door of the home." [Source]

• COLORADO -- A white woman working at a McDonald's drive-thru was physically assaulted, even bitten, after she challenged a black patron for throwing trash in the parking lot. While the victim's race and identity were not mentioned, photos of her injuries confirm her racial identity. A male passenger in the car shouted, "This is for you, you white bitch!" as he jumped out of the vehicle and threw a grape soda at her through her window. [Source]

• NORTH CAROLINA -- One woman managed to defend herself, but only because she was armed with a shotgun, the Second Amendment, and stand-your-ground castle laws that permit homeowners to defend themselves during unlawful intrusions. 

This woman found herself the victim of black intruders at her home in Fayetteville. Arrogantly, the intruders ignored the woman's shouts as they broke into her home. They didn't, however, ignore the shotgun blast that sent one of the intruders to the hospital. Both black males were teenagers and both were charged with felonies. [Source]

• TEXAS -- Martha Jones, a 29-year-old Dallas area attorney, was shopping in Target when a black male, Antowann Rashaunn Davis, 30, allegedly plunged a knife in her back. Reports say the attacker casually walked into the store, retrieved and knife from the housewares area and stabbed Jones as he walked past. [Source]

• MISSOURI -- 40-year-old Michelle Rheuport was allegedly murdered last week when Brandon Scott Simpson, 25, entered her home with two companions. Simpson is accused of strangling Rheuport and making off with a 46-inch flat-screen television, a computer monitor, XBOX 360 consule and games.  Simpson is a 3-time high school wrestling champion who was awarded a full scholarship at the University of Northern Iowa. [Source]

• FLORIDA -- Another victim was as young as 14. A female student at Emerald Cove Middle School reported this week that a tall, stocky-built black male attempted to coax her into his car. A near identical incident was reported the same day at nearby Osceola Creek Middle School in The Acreage. The media failed to report the race of the girls, but both communities are predominantly white as are the student bodies of the two middle schools. [Source]

• VIRGINIA -- Earlier this month a black man confessed to killing a white woman and a male friend on Christmas eve. Jamal Louis Clemons, 27, pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree murder of Robin Clapp and Edward Lee Bowmer Jr. Clemons offered his confession in exchange for a chicken dinner. [Source]

• MISSOURI -- A black male was charged with running down a 23-year-old white woman earlier this month. The woman died from injuries resulting from the hit-and-run incident. Eric F. Peterson, 29, was also charged with obstruction of justice. He allegedly tried to conceal evidence by transferring a motor vehicle “for the purpose of scrapping.” Amber Wood of St. Louis was hit and killed about 1:50 a.m. April 27 while crossing the 700 block of South Broadway. [Source]

• NEW JERSEY -- A 35-year-old homicide was solved earlier this month. Lena Triano, 57, was found gagged, beaten, stabbed and raped in her home in March, 1976. The accused killer was a 15-year-old black neighbor boy who is now 51. [Source]

• OTTOWA -- Anne-Katherine Powers, 21, was stabbed to death two days ago by her estranged black husband. Also killed in the attack were Powers parents. [Source]

• VIRGINIA -- The media failed to provide racial ID to a woman who was attacked after returning a lost iPhone. After returning the phone to its rightful owner, the woman accepted a cash reward. After she turned to leave the owner attacker her from behind and stole the money he had just given her. [Source]


When was last time you heard of a white shoplifter pounding a young black female clerk to the floor in a shopping mall?

When was the last time you heard of a husky white man shooting a black women in the back for $85?

When was the last time you heard of a white dancer arrested in Japan after the murder and sexual assault of a black African woman?

When was the last time you heard of a white male robber dousing a elderly black woman and setting her afire?

When was the last time you heard of a black woman being stabbed multiple times by white home invaders?

When was the last time you heard of a black female McDonald's employee suffering an assault at the hands of white patrons?

When was the last time you heard of two white teens breaking into the home of  a black woman?

When was the last time you heard of a white male casually stabbing a black woman in a department store?

When was the last time you heard of a white pervert stalking black middle schoolers in black neighborhoods?

When was the last time you heard of a white man running down a young black woman then attempting to scrap his car to hide the evidence?

When was the last time you heard of a white husband stabbing his black wife and her parents to death?

When was the last time you heard of a 15-year-old white boy being prosecuted 35 years after raping, beating, choking and stabbing to death his 57-year-old neighbor?

There is a War on Women, but it is far more severe than the inflated political football concocted by  the handlers of Barack Obama's election campaign.

More on the media ignoring racial identities of violent criminals . . . 

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  1. This raw and biting news angle is one of the reasons I like to read the daily kenn... but the hit and run seems like a stretch to suggest racial overtones... and the chicken dinner confession is just plain hilarious!

  2. The reason there is so little white-on-black crime is Whites Who See go out of their way to avoid blacks.

    We don't need them. They need (and prey upon) us.

  3. Please don't forget the woman stabbed in the back at a Dallas, TX Target by a random black guy or the 70-something year old white woman in Garland, TX who died this week because a black guy robbed the gas station she worked at and decided to set her on fire afterward.

  4. Keep up the good work Ken. We have to get this information out, so white males will drop the X-box and learn how to protect themselves and our women.

  5. this is why ni**ers are despised worldwide....I refuse to interact with em in any way.

  6. Thank you so very much for publishing this. As a white woman, it is unnerving to be around black women in particular as they harbor such animosity toward white females. Especially attractive white females. I know they would like society to believe that their hostility is a leftover from white-on-black discrimination that was legal so many years ago. However, it is not history that motivates the hostility of black women toward white women. It is simply envy and nothing more. Watch and observe black women in the company of attractive white women and you'll see the hostile claws come out. I do not experience this with black men. I truly believe that tensions today between whites and blacks can almost entirely be attributed to black women who like to keep it alive just for the purpose of using it as a disguise to hide their true anger which is based in jealousy. And it is truly scary that neither the media nor employers will step up and acknowledge this hostility of black women toward white women. Black women in the workplace seem to not even be held to a minimum performance standard much less be expected to treat a white woman with any respect. Black women get an enormous amount of leeway in this society (workwise and socially) and many of them abuse it to the max. The ability of the black woman to get away with arrogant and disrespectful behavior was recently put to me this way: black women stick together very tightly while white society tends to do the exact opposite amongst each other. I believe that to be a true observation and that whites need to be more supportive of other whites rather than trying to compete with them. In all honesty, even white men seem to have a tendency to villify white women and that combined with the hostility that white women receive from black women is a real burden. I decided recently that this country is willingly and frighteningly turning a blind eye toward the increasing hostility toward white women and that moving back to Europe is a wise move. I have to stay in this country for a while longer, but ultimately I will leave the US for no other reason except the increasingly acceptable hatred toward white women.

    1. Ma'am: Before you move.....you'd best check out the africanization of Europe along with their religion and compare that with the surprising european crime stats. There are political movements that are starting to adress the situation it is so bad. Perhaps you'd best get out of the metro areas here for a starter and try living in the rural west. The problems are fairly non existent out here. Learn the ways of the western culture and you will most likely embrace them.....regards, Prickly Pear

  7. Whites need to rise againts this hate. I will no longer accept blacks for any reason.

  8. Every so often, you can access the FBI Bureau of Justice crime statistics for the particular quarter. The facts will confirm everything written here as well as one unfortunate fact.... White people have become professional victims.

  9. Whites are spritually crush because they don relized that they are the true isrealites of scripture. The Bible is a book about the White Adamic race who became isrealites and then came into western europe as the germanic tribes who were lost somewhat of their identity. The Bible is not a book about eskimos or mozambique africa or the mongolians. Jesus said i came only ''to the lost sheep of the house of isreal. stone kingdom ministries


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