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May 12, 2012


Sybrina made a video

The cost was covered by New York's billionaire mayor, Michael Bloomberg, I heard. 

Sybrina tugged on my emotions. This will be the first Mother's Day without her beloved son, Trayvon Martin. 

I wonder if Mr. Bloomsberg plans to make any  more videos featuring broken-hearted moms.

Will Mr. Bloomberg fund a video featuring Stephen Pitcairn's mom?

Stephen was talking with his mom on a cell phone when he was accosted by two thugs. One of the attackers looked like he could be Trayvon's brother. The other was a black female. The two black thieves took Stephen's cell phone, cash and life. 

Stephen's mom listened in horror as her 23-year-old son screamed in pain; the cold steal knife blade piercing his young body again and again. 

Stephen was a graduate student and "a respected Johns Hopkins research technologist and an aspiring physician."  Though just 23, Stephen had an incredible track record in cancer research.   He was currently working under Gregg Semenza in the School of Medicine’s Institute for Cell Engineering and was assisting Semenza in the study of breast cancer. His credentials include a year in Japan working with stem cells in a research lab at Nihon University. He was fluent in Japanese.

Arrested and convicted were Lavelva Merritt and John Wagner. Wagner was out on probation at the time of the murder.

I wonder when we'll see a video featuring the mom of Zachary Marco?

Zachary was an honor student at Arizona University when he was killed for his laptop and cell phone. Two black males were arrested for the 2010 murder: Louis Eugene Harper, 20, and Marion Patterson, 17. Zachary was 21 years old. 

Will Mr. Bloomberg underwrite a video feature the mom of Kasey Ragan?

Kasey was a 20-year-old coed at Northwestern State University when a bullet ended her life in 2011. Indicted was a black 25-year-old male, Jeremy Osborn.

We could also suggest the moms of Jeanne Ann Clery, Corey Brooks, Donald Farrell, Lauren Burk, Tyler Binsted, Edgar Landon Blackley, James Wallmuth III, Andrew Graham, Justin DeSha-Overcash,  Conor ReynoldsJames S. Gillette Jr. and a host of other white young people who were killed by black thugs; young men who looked like they could be Obama's sons.

The point of Sybrina's video is to convince us that stand-your-ground laws are wrong. Missing from the video is mention of black thugs who routinely murder young white people. 

Perhaps Mr. Bloomberg would consider funding a video featuring the mother of George Zimmerman. The video could explain how the George was beaten, knocked to the pavement, bloodied, and managed to protect his life by applying the stand your ground law. Without it, Zimmerman could have suffered the fate of those mentioned above: Killed by black thugs and ignored by the media.

View this video of whites being assaulted by black thugs, then ask yourself if people like George Zimmerman have a right to defend themselves. 

How many viewers of Sybrina's video will question her responsibility as a mother? Did she teach Trayvon that stealing jewelry was wrong? Did she tell him that assaulting others was immoral? Did she explain that rampant crime prevails in America's black community? That Trayvon should not follow the examples of other black males; that over 39 percent of the prison population is comprised of black males? She certainly mentioned none of the above in her video.

While my compassion extends to any mother who loses a son or daughter, including Sybrina, I find it necessary to look beyond the emotional appeal and consider the practical need for Americans to defend themselves against black thugs who look like Trayvon.

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  1. She is misguided. I feel sorry for her. Laws like that increase the number of justifiable homicides, yes, but they also decrease almost all indexed crime rates. How many of those 30,000 murders she mentions were committed by legal gun owners with no criminal record? I can't believe these anti-gun zealots are so deceptive as to use criminal statistics to justify opposition to laws that decreases those same crime stats.

  2. The real story is this charlatan Bloomberg. What a detestable human being. This guy makes his money off others backs and then turns around and sells out the people that made him wealthy. He is truly an evil radical autonomist.

  3. With Bloomberg it's all about business, and it's also about the money. WAKE UP New York City!

  4. It must come as a harsh awakening that her "sweet son" was a thug aborning. Denial is a hard way to go forward with life. The blinders imposed by the PC MSM can be avoided easily til it's personal, but there is money involved now. Good luck with that...