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Democrats win Mike Pence's hometown

May 15, 2012

by DailyKenn.com

If Stockton goes bankrupt, it will be the largest city in American history to do so. 

Let's not jump to conclusions.

But the facts are:

1. Stockton, California is going broke.
2. 22.9% of its population is non-Hispanic white.

The cause and effect should be apparent, particularly when trends are considered.

• The Innovative Class

White people have a genetic predisposition to individualism that propels a cultural tendency towards self-sufficiency (as opposed to community dependence). Add a penchant for innovation and average intelligence high enough to convert that innovation into real-world applications, and you have the makings of economic prosperous communities. When energized with free markets and rid of excessive government intrusion, white ingenuity creates wealth. Lots of it. 

Social engineers turn a blind eye, a deaf ear and dense brain to reality. 

There is a reason why Mexico has languished in poverty while New Mexico has excelled economically. The economy north of the border has traditionally succeeded because smart people have a tradition of applying free market strategies with minimal government intrusions.

What happens when free markets are dampened by excessive government tampering, aka, 'social justice'? What happens when the innovative class is displaced? Answer: Communities like Stockton (and all of California) go broke. 

The $16 billion deficit current faced by California mirrors Stockton's $24 million deficit.

• Dare to be honest

Here's another fact. Communities -- from states to cities to shopping malls  -- are bad investments when they drive off the innovative class by introducing punitive taxation and crime-prone cultures. Cloak it in false allegations of racism if you will, but white flight is also economic flight. White people simply have a knack for building and retaining viable economies.

Observe, for example, that as California's demographic composition begins to mirror that of Mexico, its economic woes also mirror those of Mexico. 

Do we dare admit that Stockton's woes can be attributed to the fact that it's becoming a Mexican city in California? Do we dare admit that California's woes can be attributed to the fact that it's becoming a Mexican state in America?

Or will we shy away from reality and delude ourselves?

Stockton's financial mess can be traced to a municipality's version of a New Deal stimulus plan. Public employees received rich compensation packages as a downtown sports arena was constructed. All the while Stockton 'invested' in urban renewal spending.

Now the city is defaulting on bond payments and engaging in talks with creditors. 

Other California cities are following suit. Excessive government spending (defined by me as anything above the absolute essential infrastructure) is not exclusively a Stockton or California problem. What makes that region vulnerable is the lack of a substantial white economic base to underwrite the waste.

• Fomenting with fundamentals

There are two fundamental reasons for economic hardships of any organization.

1. Insufficient income.
2. Excessive spending.

This principle applies to family budgets, business enterprises and government entities.

In most white communities, the second reason is cancelled because the first doesn't exist. That is, white taxpayers are able to foot the bill for insane government spending. Stockton has no substantial white community to cover its wasteful spending.

Or, to state it in real-world practical terms, when a city is 22.9 percent white and spends like Obama the outcome will be bankruptcy.

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  1. Exactly why I fled south Orange County 2 years ago.

    My once beautiful neighborhood was increasingly turning into households with multiple families.

    The traffic, Mexican invasion from the south and the overtaxation wasn't enough to keep me around to enjoy the weather.

  2. I'm reminded of a bit from "The History of the English Language" in which a stone lintel over a door somewhere in England had an inscription chiseled in the language of a vanquished people and the other side had an inscription in the conqueror's language. The soft parade has slowed somewhat with Hispanics no longer seeing El Norte as the big tit it once was, but it's only a matter of time and demographics before all of SoCal is an extension of TJ, vato locos, drug wars, all of the social ills which make urban Mexico such a sketchy proposition.


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