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May 8, 2012


Springfield, Massachusetts is facing a financial crisis.

The reason? It depends on who you ask.

There is, however, a common thread that runs through America's financially perplexed cities and counties: A depletion of White infrastructure.  That is, those population centers that engage in the demographic dance where whites abandon crime-ridden streets for safer Whitopias tend to implode financially.

Most are keenly aware that Detroit is in de facto receivership, subsisting on state funding. Jefferson County, Alabama recently filed bankruptcy. It, too, suffered from an dearth of white taxpayers.

The mess in Springfield can be attributed to the fact that only 51.8 percent of the population is white. It's a tough fact of life that liberals hate to acknowledge: When whites move out, cities go broke.

Some say that smacks of racism.

There are those who deny the racial aspect consistent with economic depressed areas. There are others who admit the racial aspect but spin it to imply that white privilege is to blame. Then there are those who openly admit the racial aspect, declare the emperor to be stark naked and summarily get labeled 'racists.'

• The root cause: Intellectual disparity

Denial is never a reasonable policy. It is not akin to lying. Denial is lying. The racial component exists and needs to be addressed without the undue labeling.

However, it's not a matter of skin lightness. It's a matter of brain brightness. People with IQs over 100 busy themselves building lives and livelihoods. They don't care to be bothered by street brawls, muggings and car jackings.

It's not that hordes of white people are abandoning urban areas to blacks. It's that smart people are getting away from people who have an above-average tendency to commit violent crimes due to below-average intelligence.

What appears to be white flight would more aptly described as a brain drain.

• Solutions that don't work

According to a recent news report, Springfield is faced with the challenge of slashing $60 million from its budget to stay afloat. The blame game is consistent with every other city in America: Property values have depleted property taxes, state and federal aid has been slashed, and past mismanagement still haunts.

Springfield is considering raising the trash pick-up fee to bolster income. $60 million is a lot of trash; it's a tad better than investing in lottery tickets.

Austerity is commendable, but it requires a productive class to be equitable.

That's productive class, not creative class.

Springfield also had the past "foresight" to cultivate its growing gay community. As we all know (or all have been told), gays are high-income earners whose community presence bolsters every aspect of the local economy. If true, that means Springfield would be in worse financial shape had it had not listened to Richard Florida and his appeal for the 'creative class.' Truth is, gays have shorter lifespans than non-gays. A guy who earns $60,000 per year for 20 years makes no more than a guy who earns $40,000 per year for 30 years. Its a wash.

• Return to the Dark Ages; one community at a time

So where does that leave Springfield?

It places Springfield in the same class as Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; a victim of cultural and, subsequently, intellectual shift.

Cities that succumb to such cultural shifts experience localized Dark Ages. Detroit, Jefferson County and Harrisburg are all experiencing localized Dark Ages. As more cities and counties lose their white infrastructure, they become Haitiized. That's what's happening in Springfield.

It also makes it a harbinger of Western culture as a whole. Imagine all of Western civilization eventually following suit as the world's white population declines.

Fortunately, the white infrastructure continues to exist externally -- for now. There are lots of productive white people outside Springfield and other Dark Age cities. There is still cash to be infused from state and federal governments.

That won't last forever. White populations everywhere are decreasing. And as they decrease, the white infrastructure weakens. It will eventually fail.

Margaret Thatcher famously noted that the problem with socialism is, "Eventually, you run out of other people's money." Let's be frank. Eventually the nation will run out of white people's money.

Then what?

Eventually our culture will fail and a new Dark Ages will prevail beyond municipalities. Eventually there will be no external white infrastructure to prop it up. There will be no billions in aid for AIDS in  Africa, no  funding for EBT cards, no Section-8 housing, no slush fund to pay utility bills; no food stamps.

• Finding a solution

The solution in Springfield and other Dark Ages communities isn't financial assistance. That would be akin to filling barrels that has no bottoms.

The first step in Springfield and elsewhere is to acknowledge the cause of problem; something few are willing to do.

The second step is to ignore diversions. Implementing white guilt has never provided the black community with lasting solutions to crime and poverty. Blaming economic disparity on white privilege is simply irresponsible: Whites with low IQs are demonstrably exempt from white privilege while blacks with high IQs are never affected by it.

The third step is to address the solution. Intelligence is a heritable trait. The economic and criminal aspects of localities enduring regional Dark Ages will reverse themselves when blacks with brains make more babies than those with low IQs. It's really that simple. Again, it's not a racial issue. It's an intellectual issue.

Because we are not willing to admit the root cause, we will never be able to administer a solution.


  1. Bravo!! Great column Kenn!

  2. You are well read & much liked here in England...Please keep up your good work.
    Uplifting & so refreshing Kenn!