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May 25, 2012


The US Senate plans to cut aid to Pakistan by $33 million. It's the panel's way of punishing the Muslim country that harbored Usama bin Laden.

At issue is the physician who helped lead the United States to bin Laden. He has been sentenced to 33 years for high treason. The panel is, effectively, fining Pakistan $1 million for each year of the good doctor's sentence.

Four questions demand answered:

First, why are we sending Pakistan $33 million in the first place?

Second, do the Pakistani's care? According to, the US government (aka, taxpayers) sent Pakistan $393,000,846 in aid in 2011. The panel's defacto penalty amounts an aid cut of less that 8.50 percent. 

Third, knowing the fickleness of the US government, will aid to Pakistan will be raised in coming years? Months?

Fourth, why are American taxpayers being punished? If withholding $33 million from Pakistan is considered painful, withdrawing $393,00846 from American taxpayers is down-right Draconian. And that's just one of many nations receiving millions from Americans.

Itty bitty? 

$33 million is a lot of money relative to most American paychecks. Relative to the boatloads of cash sent in foreign aid, it's a drop in the bucket.

The average pay package of a major US corporate CEO is $9.6 million. That's a horde of cash when liberals are talking about taxing the rich. But it's itty bitty when compared to the $33 million fine being levied against Pakistan which, in turn, is itty bitty compared to the nearly $400 million that nation is getting each year, which is itty bitty compared to the countless billions sent in foreign aid to all nations. Itty bitty is relative. 

And a bonus question:

What if the United States government reverted to the original intentions of our founders and withdrew involvement in other nations? The exceptions being direct military action as defensive measures when our people or property is attacked.

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