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May 17, 2012

I'm ahead of the curve on this one.

Recall that requiring voter ID is somehow 'racist'? Apparently it singles out non-whites more frequently than whites. That, in the mind of Eric Holder, constitutes racism. 

Here's another one.

Yesterday Mitt Romney voiced his approval of drug testing for Florida state workers, clearing the way for pundits to spin his view into a cardigan that only fits Republicans. Their logic will go like this: "Testing prospective state workers for drugs will single out African Americans (their term, not mine) and other minorities. It is bare-boned racism; Jim Crow for the 21st century."

Again, such allegation have not been made. I'm merely making a projection based on past performance and continual observation of the loops made by left-wing logic. 

Romney's position on testing state workers follows the policy of Florida's governor, Rick Scott

For now the measure is moot, as its constitutionality is being court tested. Scott suspended his executive order. But for those into word marking, take note: House Democrats recently endured a self-imposed seminar on how to make race an issue in political campaigns. 

I doubt they'll let this one slip through their hands. 

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