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after criticizing hate-group member, Ilhan Omar

May 24, 2012

by DailyKenn.com

A few years ago there was a news story in Indianapolis about a wealthy family who hired a black man to shoplift for them.

The arrangement was simple: The white family would hand the black man a shop-lifting list and he would head to the mall to pick up the items. The white family would then 'buy' the stolen items from him at a discounted cost. The shoplifter was caught and, last I heard, was doing prison time.

Policies of white liberals are similar.

For example, white liberals put black folks up to vicariously run riot in their stead. Like black shoplifters stealing for rich white folks, young black thugs beat people for white liberals.

Here's a case in point.

In 2009 hordes of old, pasty-white liberals assaulted Asian students at South Philadelphia High School. The old white folks didn't actually do the beating. They simply forced Asian students to attend school with violent black students who did the beating for them. The white liberals were nowhere near the place.

In one incident about 30 blacks attacked five Chinese students at a nearby subway station. White liberals ignored the Asians' pleas for help. Letter to officials, walkouts and discussion groups had no effect.

One report notes the extent of the problem:
During the weeks prior to the subway rumble, there were numerous confrontations at South Philly High, according to student incident reports.
 Eight students emptied the pockets and school bag of a Chinese student in the bathroom on Sept. 9, five days into the school year. The next day, Asian students were bombarded with oranges in the cafeteria. Several other students were robbed that month, or beat up. One Chinese student was punched in the left eye while walking through a hallway on Oct. 6. Another student was jumped in a stairwell the following day. During the week before the subway rumble, a Vietnamese student and his friend were jumped by 10 students, on several consecutive days, while walking home from school.

The report fails to inform us that the attackers were black and that the attacks were the outcome of integration policies established by white liberals. Nor does the report inform us that, once caught, the black attackers are punished while the white liberals sit smugly in their suburban homes imagining that all is well across town.

It's an on-going problem that's still going on.

Earlier this week we learned that groups of black thugs were targeting Asians in Philadelphia. The race of the attackers was sometimes mentioned. Security videos also confirmed the racist angle. Note the attackers are organized in 'crime crews' rather than 'gangs.'

All attacks were the outcome of liberal policies that forbid Asians and others from establishing protective social barriers from black crime and violence.

The trend is apparent in home invasions, street muggings and store robberies where black thugs target Asians.
In the Oxford Circle home invasion this year, six thugs and one possible lookout stole about $30,000 from a Korean American business owner and his wife about 7 p.m. March 18.
Jenny Ly, whose husband, Peter Ly, 55, was robbed and shot outside the Woori America Bank in Cheltenham about 11:35 a.m. Dec. 27, said that her husband is doing better, but still suffers pain and can't work in their West Philly store because he can't stand all day long.
Surveillance video showed [a crew] outside the bank in a black Volvo S60 or S80, with tinted windows and a sunroof. Even though Peter Ly handed over his bag of money, one thug shot him.
The local newspaper told the horror story of an Asian family whose home was invaded by a black crime crew.
BEHIND THE bulletproof window in her West Philly eatery, an Asian American business owner recalled the horrifying night last month when four or five men broke into her family's Haverford Township home, terrorized them and fled with $500.
To force their way in, the thugs, some masked, smashed the glass pane of the family's front door, and the woman and her husband heard it from the second floor.
It was about 8 p.m. April 26. The couple, both 62, and their handicapped adult son were watching TV in his room.
The woman - she's still too scared to allow her name to be printed - said she was about to check on the noises when she was stopped in the hallway by the men, who had rushed upstairs. One put his hands on her shoulders, yelling, "Money, money, money!" and forced her onto her knees.
She covered her face with her hands.
One thug wrapped duct tape around her hands and head. A gun was pushed into her neck. The robbers, described as black, stole the $500 she had in her back pocket and took her wallet, which had no cash or credit cards.
Her husband tried to call 9-1-1 from the son's bedroom, but another thug put a gun to his side, ripped the phone away and stomped on it, his wife said. One bandit smacked her wheelchair-bound son in the face. The family's two white Maltese dogs barked and barked.
The robbers fled, but one returned and found the woman in the kitchen. He yelled for "more money," she said, but she told him that she had none. "Maybe he know soon police" would come, and so "he run away," she said.
Speaking inside the store, taking payments from customers purchasing food while her husband sold lottery tickets, she said that, contrary to rumors about Asian business owners, the family doesn't keep cash at home.
Asians have the privilege of organizing as an ethnic group to combat black crime. White victims, demonized by liberals as perpetrators of 'white privilege,' don't have that privilege. 

And that's the way white liberals want it.

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  1. What benefit do white liberals get from this? Is it to break cultural and family bonds only to be replaced by the nanny state?

  2. Liberals are mentally ill. They probably gain some sort of sick satisfaction out of it, like pulling the wings off butterflies.

    Benefit? The great social welfare state is staffed by liberals. Job security.

  3. A thing that is bothering me...
    Why write the Asian womens bad English ala "Maybe he know soon police" Why not just write the story and explain the details.

    Would the media do the same for black people. For example "Den da honkey, get in da n*ggas business about da hamburger. So I worried and decided to call the pigs."


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