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Republican candidate kicked off Twitter
after criticizing hate-group member, Ilhan Omar

May 25, 2012

by DailyKenn.com

This is why you read DailyKenn.com

I come up with breaking news long before the major networks, Fox News, the minor cable news networks, or Rush Limbaugh. 

Not to worry, they'll catch up in a few days. 


Barack Obama suffers from a severe form of a psychological disorder called oniomania.

Simply described, an oniomaniac is an individual who cannot control spending. Give an oniomaniac a credit card, and she (he) will max it out ASAP. 

While nearly all persons diagnosed with oniomania are women, Obama is both an exception and the most severe case ever known in the history of psychoanalysis. Having spent $5 trillion on credit, he's in an oniomania class by himself. 

Oniomania is a vicious circle that consists of negative emotions like anger and stress, which lead to purchasing something "as a form of self-medication". After the buying is over, the person is either regretful or depressed - "dejected, regretful or guilty after they get home". In order to cope with the feelings, the addicted person may resort to another purchase. [Source]

Like a drug addict, the oniomaniacs may go to extremes to satisfy their additions. They may steal other people's money to satisfy their uncontrollable urge. One should never allow an oniomaniac access to cash or bank accounts. In the case of Obama, his access to the national treasury's "credit card" will be devastating to the economies of both the nation and the world. 

According to research published by the American Enterprise Institute, Obama has increased spending by 25.3 percent, the  highest increase of any president in modern history; a clear symptom of oniomania. 

"Numbers show that spending under the ’10-’13 Obama budgets far outstrips spending by a generation of presidential predecessors. This should not be surprising since spending as a share of GDP under Obama is the highest in U.S. history outside of World War II," the report said.

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  1. While Pres Obama might suffer from oniomania, you seem to miss the point. Sure he is buying things with all the spending, but it is VOTES he is buying, not buying things that would help all of the country.

    Liberal are very liberal with other people's money.

    How would you make a Liberal politician twitch? Ask them to spend as much as they take in. Forget if you ask them to save some of the revenue to pay off past debt, restraints would be necessary.

    Overtaxed Jim from NJ

    1. sry forgot the (s) in Liberals.

      Liberals are very liberal with other people's money.


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