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May 17, 2012


It happened again this week. 

A young person with a prodigy past and a promising future was murdered for no apparent reason.

Mitt Lenix was 28 when a bullet ended his life. 

Mitt was a world champion martial arts master, a medic with the National Guard, and a touring martial arts instructor with a bent for entertainment. 

Mitt was on a date Monday evening at the Starlight drive-in theater. Reports say Mitt's Ford Escape failed to start. He asked a person at the theater for help. The answer was a gun blast to the chest. 

Arrested was a black male named Quentric Shaymon Williams.  He is 32 years old and has already served two prison terms on drug-related convictions.

The question most frequently asked is, "Why?" 

That answer is readily available. The unanswered question is, "Why do we tolerate these crimes?"

Last week another young man was the victim of a racist assault. 

The 24-year-old victim was a Marine who recently moved to the South Tampa area. Like Mitt, the marine's car wouldn't start. He chose to walk home through a black neighborhood. He was spotted by three black males who severely beat then robbed him. A fourth joined the attack. The brutal assault was captured by a security camera

A similar attack occurred in 1828 when 19-year-old Abraham Lincoln and a friend were "attacked by seven Negroes with intent to kill and rob them. They were hurt some in the melee, but succeeded in driving the Negroes from the boat, and then 'cut cable' 'weighed anchor' and left."

More recently James Robertson Jr., 19, was beaten to death in 2007 by a black mob that stripped, robbed and assaulted him along with his cousin and a friend. Two black females, Nichelle Carter and Shakida Bowers, were convicted. They are two of the 11 people charged in the case. The attack occurred in Virginia.

There are literally dozens of such attacks that occur each year; probably more if the media were to honest and accurate. You may read some of them here.

There is a pattern. The attacks are always initiated by blacks. The victims are almost always White. The attacks are limited neither by geography nor restricted by time. They can occur anywhere and at anytime.


How is it that the pattern of assaults seems to follow a script, as if the attackers were trained in their skill of assaulting white people? Is there a secret convention attended by millions of black teens who learn to assault white people? Or is there a genetic driver that determines violent behavior?

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  1. I moved from europe to the USA in 1993. When I came here I saw black people for the first time in my life because I was young and a war started and I had not yet attended school and didn't learn about africa. So living on memorial drive I got to experience some of this hatred for white people. I told them I had nothing to do with slavery and that I had never even seen a black person, but you think they cared. So now I have a new way of thinking called FUCK THEM ALL.