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May 8, 2012


Some libertarians believe in open borders. 

Anyone should be free to come at go at will. Personal liberty, they say, is more vital than national integrity. 

Their argument? 

Usually it revolves around the reasons illegals penetrate our borders. Legalizing drugs would do away with the massive influx of dangerous narcotics. Dumping the welfare system would remove another primary motive.

The open borders argument fails, however, when you visit a Libertarian Party convention.

Libertarians simply don't practice open borders at their meetings. You can't get in the convention hall unless you are registered and credentialed. You can't vote unless you are a verified party member. Furthermore, you are required to have documentation dangling around your neck to prove you are legal.

If one can't enter a Libertarian meeting room without documentation, one should not be allowed to enter a nation without documentation. If one cannot vote in party meetings without verifiable membership, one should not be allowed to vote in government elections without verifiable citizenship. If one must be able to prove his or her party credentials at any time, citizens of a nation should be prepared to verify their citizenship at any time. 

For the record, many -- if not most -- Libertarians are opposed to open borders. Many are militant in their views, openly campaigning for tougher border controls.

But when you happen to meet a libertarian who does favor open borders, ask you may attend a party convention without credentials. 


  1. I think we need to put a stop to integration for at least 20 years. tooo many people. Tooo much diversity and it seems to only apply to non whites. We need to rid of all thse 3rd worlders who treat us like second class citizens and we ned to take our country back from ZOG. Theyre the root of the problem.