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May 21, 2012


Here's a simple math question:

In February Rush had 100 apples.
In March he added 60 apples.
In April he lost 40 apples.

How many apples did Rush have in April?

The correct answer is: Rush had 120 apples in April, or 20 more than he had in February. 

According to liberals, Rush had 40 fewer apples. 

Technically, the liberals are also correct, but only because they aren't answering the question.

In March Rush Limbaugh's ratings surged 60 percent after the Sandra Fluke episode. A bump in ratings would be expected. After all, Limbaugh was the epicenter of a left wing lashing as it launched its notorious War Against Women. Millions of additional listeners tuned in. 

Once the controversy mellowed, the tidal wave of listeners ebbed. Limbaugh lost up to 40 percent of his listeners in one major market. Granted, the source is suspect. It only tracks a handful of listeners. But liberals don't need much to spin deceit. Think Elizabeth Warren.

The worst case scenario: Limbaugh's listener base grew by 20 apples.

Keep in mind that 40 percent is the most Limbaugh lost. Some markets reported losing 27 percent. There may have been markets where the tidal waves never ebbed but continues to grow. We don't know. Liberal are notorious for only spotting tips of icebergs that sink others' ships. 

Also, keep in mind these are the people currently running (ruining?) our nation's economy.

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  1. you are correct that 100 + 60% = 160

    but 160 - 40% is not 120, the correct answer is 96

    if use the other number... 160 - 27% = 116.8

    How do you like them apples?

  2. Hmm, I wonder who's right? I thought it was 160-64 (which is 40% of 160)=96% of original viewers.

  3. Libs have been predicting Limbaugh's demise for over 20 years now...

    This is known as "Wishful Thinking".

  4. Let's use gubmint creative accounting formulas. 100 apples + 60 = 212 apples -20apples = 256 apples. NOW! don't that look better? Equate this system with the gubmint mathod of figuring unemployment figures and stuff makes sense. YOUR RESULTS MAY DIFFER!