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May 20, 2012


Revisionists clog our brains with stories of hooded creeps on horseback that raided cabins of passive black folk. The intent was terror for the sake of terror; a way to occupy the evening after the barn dance and before churning the still. 

Such crimes happened in days of yore, conveniently before anyone alive today can recall what really happened. 

But such a crime actually did occur Saturday in Chicago. Oddly, the world's media -- already in Chicago for the NATO summit -- missed it. 

The facts are these: 

• A group of 15 to 18 white thugs descended into the Ashford House Restaurant.

• The attackers were disguised; their heads covered with hoodies and masks -- just like Klansters in the movies! 

• The attackers were wielding baseball bats and railroad hammers.

• The attackers targeted a particular group of patrons, constituting a violation of their civil rights.

• Witnesses saw the attackers hit victims with baseball bats and railroad hammers.

• Some victims were laying on the floor bloodied; others hid defenseless behind tables.

• The attackers successfully injured ten of their victims, some required hospitalization.

• The attackers successfully terrorized everyone in the restaurant. 

• The attackers trashed the restaurant.

• Cops managed to collar only five of the attackers.

• Police would not allow the media access to the scene.

• Police would not give the media a detailed report of the incident. 

So there you have it! A real life hate crime complete with all the components made up by Hollywood, except the attackers were in cars, not riding horses. 

And it happened just this week. 

For clarity, I should mention that the victims were also white and the attackers called themselves the "South Side Chicago Anti-Racist Action." Does that make a difference?

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