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Republican candidate kicked off Twitter
after criticizing hate-group member, Ilhan Omar

May 20, 2012

by DailyKenn.com

Rosa Parks never complained of
black-on-white violence
that forced segregated buses.
Rosa Parks should have been given a seat on the bus; not because she is black, but because she is a woman.

On the other hand, Rosa should have been booted off the bus and refused permission to board any public transport for the rest of her life; not because she is black, but because her silence effectively endorsed black-on-white violence on public transportation.

Segregated buses existed -- not because whites held unwarranted animosity towards people with dark skin tone and kinky hair -- but because white passengers are routinely assaulted by blacks on public transportation. 

Authorities in the Jim Crow era were left with four options:

1. They could ban blacks from boarding city buses.
2. They could offer two buses, one for blacks and another for everyone else.
3. They could enforce assigned seating areas for blacks.
4. They could integrate the buses and allow whites to be assaulted. 

Parks was uniquely positioned to demand the end of black-on-white violence on city buses. Her voice would have been heard. Proper protection could have been instigated. Today, few white people use public transport due to the danger posed by violent black thugs. 

Rosa said nothing. She obviously didn't care if white passengers were beaten by blacks. Her silence was an endorsement; an encouragement. She was an enabler of black-on-white violence through her silence. She should have been kicked off the bus and banned forever. 

On Thursday of last week nineteen black thugs forced open the door of a Baltimore bus to viciously assault a teenage pedestrian in broad daylight. Would you want to ride a bus with those thugs?

YouTube is chuck full of videos depicting blacks attacking whites on public transportation. I know of no instances in which white passengers assaulted blacks without provocation. 

Jim Crow laws were too tolerant of Rosa Parks and other blacks who steadfastly refused to acknowledge the reality of black-on-white violence on public transportation. Such enablers should not be allowed to share the ride.

The examples below scratch the surface.

In 2010 a pregnant white teenager was attacked by four black females while attempted to exit a city bus. 
Neither Rosa Parks  nor other
black  passengers suffered
violent attacks as are common for
whites (such as Sarah Kreager)
 who ride public transportation.

In 2011 a young white student was attacked by a mob of black students aboard a school bus. After the video went viral, the school board refused to release recordings of other black-on-white attacks to police, indicating that such violence is common in the St. Louis area.

In January, 2012 a white 13-year-old girl was beaten unconscious on a school bus by seven black female students. In the aftermath of the assault, the mother of one of the assailants claimed the lone white girl had uttered racist remarks. The attack was video recorded.

Atlanta's MARTA public transit system is known for it racial violence. In April, 2011 two white Delta employees were viciously beaten by a mob of young black thugs who terrorized other passengers. When the train arrived at the West End stop, the operator did not open the doors to allow the passengers to escape the violence. 

The beating of a white woman by a group of black teens on Baltimore bus in 2007 was initially treated as a hate crime. "Sarah Kreager, 26, suffered broken facial bones and other injuries after she was punched, kicked and dragged off the bus Tuesday afternoon."

A security camera captured the
image of a black male (right) who
beat a disabled white woman (left)
to a bloody mass as
black passengers laughed.
Black-on-white bus violence isn't unique to America. 

In late 2010 a black male beat a disabled mother unconscious, slamming her head repeatedly on the bus floor as her terrified three-year-old daughter watched in horror. None of the passengers on the crowded bus offered to help or even call the police. Instead, some of the black passengers laughed as the woman face was beaten to a bloody mass. 

Such brutal black-on-white attacks are common on public transportation. To my knowledge there are no instances of similar white-on-black assaults other than fictional accounts presented by Hollywood. 

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  1. http://www.philly.com/philly/video/BC1094317483001.html

  2. Ok, fellow white men, it's time to start protecting our women, our children and ourselves.
    Self respect and our own manhood is at stake. Time to blow away these heartless bullies.
    I never owned a slave and I don't hate black people, but when violence like this begins it's time to end it with a dose of lead to the head.

    Time to stop the violence and put a little fear into these thugs. Make them think twice, oh, that's right most of these bullies can't think or ever consider a fair fight, so no time to judge them - just blow them away!!!

    1. You go first.

      I doubt you have ever been on a city bus.

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