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May 25, 2012


I used to be a little black girl.

I know that's shocking, but it fits the paradigm of this year's election chopines. 

First there was Massachusetts Senate candidate, Elizabeth Warren, laying claim to colorhood based on her assertion that she was 1/32 Cherokee.

Then there was Barack Obama revealing the influence of Catholicism on his early upbringing. 

If Warren can be an Indian and Obama can be a Catholic, then I can be a little black girl.

Story telling has long been a part of politics. Exaggeration of accomplishments, inflation of character, and TV make up all contribute to the person they want you to believe you see. Obama's handlers, in particular, have been adept at masking his past and creating a legend on a par with Saul Alinsky or Little Red Robin Hood.

The latest in the Obama saga is revelation that he was greatly influenced by (and greatly admires) Catholics. The revelation comes just as his popularity among Catholics dropped 14 percent and 42 Catholic leaders and organization slapped him with a lawsuit for snatching their freedom of religion. 

Excellent timing.

On Wednesday he announced, “My first job as a community organizer was with Catholic churches who taught me the power of kindness and commitment to others in neighborhoods.” 

No specifics were given. No details provided.

The image of Barack as a tyke sitting on a nun's knee as she expounds the virtues of niceness as opposed to political prowess seem far fetched. Such never happened, I assume.

What we do know, however, is Obama was buds with the radical Catholic cleric, Father Michael Pfleger, who has been muzzled by church leaders for overstepping his militancy. That is, he used the church as a springboard for advancing socialism or, as they say, he was a community organizer.

Last month, for example, Rev. Pfleger showed up at mass wearing a hooded sweatshirt. That is not approved priestly attire. His appearance was a statement regarding the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. 

Some may think it odd that Obama, a follower of the Jeremiah Wright cult, would allow himself to be influenced by Catholic apostasy. The truth is: There's not a gnat's nasal hair's worth of difference between Wright's liberation theology and that of Pfleger. 

In March, 2008, Pfleger invited Wright to his Saint Sabina church to deliver a blessing. The occasion was a visit by poet Maya Angelou. Angelou is a black female poet of renown who received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Obama in 2011. In other words, this is a tight-knit club of left-wing activists passing themselves off as run-of-mill Catholics. Note that between the foursome, only Pfleger is a Catholic and he's far from mainstream. 

So when you hear Ms. Warren or Mr. Obama making acclaim to being a part of color or religion, raise at least one eyebrow of suspicion. There may be as much truth in their claims as my claim to have once been a little black girl.

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  1. I am an avid reader of Daily Kenn. This is where I know I am going to get the truth. I really am 1/8 Creek Indian. And I am a woman. It is mind blowing what people will stoop to. How do these people get in office? It's real scary to know they got voted in.