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May 3, 2012


I'll be the first to admit the number is probably skewed. 

The seven known 'Justice of Trayvon' mob attacks probably would have happened anyway. Beating innocent, defenseless White people has been a sport among American blacks for generations. Even the young Abraham Lincoln endured such an assault

The fact that recent mobs have evoked Trayvon's name while wailing on White victims precludes nothing. 

Nonetheless the attacks have occurred, the mainstream media have turned their collective head, and Americans depend on alternative news sources, such as, to stay informed.

Here is a summation of the seven attacks:

#1 - March 24 and 25. A series of attacks in Grand Rapids, Michigan were reported to police but ignored by the media. Five White people filed reports with the cops stating they had been victims of black mob attacks. 

#2 - March 26 - A fifty-year-old White man was beaten with a hammer by two black males. The attack took place in Sanford, Florida, the city where George Zimmerman defended himself from an alleged attack by Trayvon Martin. The victim, Mark Slavin, remains in critical condition. 

#3 - April 3 - Dallas Watts, 78, was attacked in Toledo, Ohio by a mob of at least five blacks who screamed "This is for Trayvon" as they beat the defenseless old man. A sixth attacker may have been White or Hispanic. 

#4 - April 9 - An unnamed 27-year-old man was assaulted in Gainesville, Florida by a mob of 5 to 8 black males. The attackers appeared to select their victim at random. They shouted "Trayvon" during the five-minute beating. The victim suffered permanent disfigurement to the left side of his face. 

#5 - April 11 - A good Samaritan who chased down a purse snatcher in Gainesville found himself the victim of a black mob. The attackers shouted 'Trayvon' and they stomped the White hero's hands. 

#6 - April 17 - A White nineteen year old in Chicago was beaten by two black teens who admitted their motive was racial. 

#7 - April 21 - Matthew Owens was beaten by neighborhood blacks who evoked the name of Trayvon during the beating. Owens was admitted to the hospital in critical condition. Unlike other Trayvon attacks, the Owens beating attracted national media coverage. Some news reports attempted to blame the assault on Owens. The victim, they suggested, provoked the attack by asking black kids not to block the street while playing basketball. 

There were, no doubt, other revenge beatings. The above are the accounts readily available online. 

If you know of others, please notify us using the comment feature below.


  1. martin was shot while committing felony assault against Zimmerman. Justice for martin has already been served. The urban racist black community is simple telling everyone that you better be armed and ready to defend yourselves. Meanwhile the race industry ignores these blatant racial attacks, while at the same time calls for law abiding people to drop their weapons. Our blinders are off, along with the kid gloves.