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May 23, 2012


The purpose of Jim Crow laws wasn't to discriminate against people with dark skin-tone and kinky hair. 

Rather, it was to protect white people from black crime and violence. 

This was underscored in the news yesterday when a video surfaced of a young white girl being beaten and kicked by a black woman after the victim had been knocked to the floor. The girl was an employee at the Monroeville Mall in suburban Pittsburgh. Apparently the white girl had confronted the black woman about shoplifting. 

Such black-on-white crimes have been common for generations. The advent of the Internet and cell-phone video cameras are bringing them to the forefront. 

Even the most casual observer will note that, had Jim Crow laws been applied at the mall, this assault never would have occurred.

Some have wondered aloud that, had the races been reversed, this incident would be national news. That hypothetical is accurate. But I would prefer to frame a counter factual in a real-world scenario by asking, "When was the last time you saw a middle-aged white female shoplifter wail on a hard-working young black woman?"

It is significant to note that the young white girl was working for money while the black shoplifter was stealing for money.

• Kenn predicts . . . 

What will happen?

First, I predict Monroeville Mall will become a no-go zone for white people. White people will avoid it for the same reason native whites avoided the Superdome during Katrina.

Consider the content of the above newscast.

The video includes an interview with a black shopper. This woman says, in effect, that she has never been a victim and that such crime is unusual

But a white woman who is interviewed says she won't be back; that such crimes are known to occur frequently at the mall. While video recordings are uncommon, the knowledge of black-on-white crime appears to be common knowledge among white people.

Second, I predict that -- if the black female attacker is arrested -- her attorney will note that she has serious emotional problems and an IQ of about 70. The Bell Curve is a powerful tool when needed. But only when needed.

I predict that the community will suffer financially because of black-on-white crime at  Monroeville Mall

• Inflicting pain

Black-on-white crime hurts.

In this episode it hurt the young victim physically and emotionally as she was aggressively punched and kicked by a raging black woman.

It hurts store owners who suffer loss (called 'shrinkage') when black shoplifters steal merchandise.

It also hurts store owners when white shoppers refuse to expose themselves to black crime and violence.

It hurts the mall owners who suffer from vacancies as store owners refuse to renew their leases.

It hurts employees who lose jobs due to the store closings.

It hurts surrounding businesses when traffic decreases due to crime and violence.

It hurts local governments as real estate developers refuse to invest in their communities, forcing property values and subsequent taxes to decrease.

It also hurts local governments that are required to invest in increased law enforcement.

• Jim Crow by default

Jim Crow strategies often transcend laws that expressly deal with black crime and violence. For example, developers of shopping centers intentionally seek to build their retail outlets in neighborhoods that are out of reach of black criminals. It is a Jim Crow strategy designed to avoid black-on-white crime and violence.

The advent of mass transportation, however, has challenged that effort. Major American cities love mass transit systems. It allows them to bus crime to the suburbs. Hordes of black teens have been known to frequent shopping malls in whiteopia, thanks to mass transit. Mall management counters by implementing Jim Crow policies that prohibit groups of teens from entering the property without legal guardians.

And dance goes on.

Who was Jim Crow . . . 

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