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May 22, 2012


The President of the United States has offended the leaders of the Catholic Church. That is significant. 

More significant is that fact that he doesn't care.

Consider that the president is a poll-driven candidate whose campaign holds a tight grip on the pulse of public opinion. The fact that he has written off the Catholic Church as inconsequential to his re-election campaign is powerful testimony to the declining influence of religion in America.

At issue is a suit filed against the Obama administration by Cardinal Dolan of New York City, Cardinal Wuerl of Washington, D.C., Notre Dame University and 40 other Catholic dioceses and organizations. Their beef with the president boils down to his flagrant and arrogant violation of their freedom of religion. 

In times past such a suit would not be needed. There was a force of fear. Politicians would be persuaded by force of public opinion. They feared the fury of America's believers. That clout no longer exists, at least in the minds of Obama and his handlers. They view religious opposition as a minor speed bump along their road to re-election.

• Black Liberation Theology

Not only did Obama offend Catholics, he also perturbed a host of black pastors. When the president became the first black president to endorse gay marriage, black preachers railed in protests. Many declared their intention to avoid the polling place come November; to allow Mitt Romney to win by default.

Obama's  handlers had an ace in the hole. They understood that the Ebeneezer Baptist Churches of America were secondary to the NAACP. The NAACP endorsed Obama's new position on gay marriage and Rev. Al Sharpton added his hearty 'Amen!' for good measure. The black reverends of America found themselves at the bottom of Obama's pecking order; insignificant speed bumps. Many will capitulate.

• America: Christian as it was founded

While America was not founded as a Christian nation, it was Christian as it was founded. In the nation's formative years -- the last quarter of the 18th century -- virtually all citizens of the thirteen colonies were God-fearing, Bible-thumping, whiskey-drinking church people. The enlightenment had produced a smattering of deists, but even these retained ties to Christianity. 

The colonies, you will recall, were founded by religious sects. The charters and constitutions of those colonies  and the subsequent first states revealed the depth of America's religious heritage. Some colonies mandated weekly church attendance by law. Most states required holders of public office to be verifiable Christians.

For example, the South Carolina constitution stated:
"The qualification of electors shall be that every free white man, and no other person, who acknowledges the being of a God, and believes in a future state of rewards and punishments, and who has attained to the age of one and twenty years . . . "
Oddly, the first six presidents held religious views that most would consider unorthodox. They were either Unitarian or Deist. Andrew Jackson could, perhaps, be consider the first president to adhere to a main-line denomination church. He was a Presbyterian. (Unitarians, I suppose, would object). 

While America's presidents varied in their religious affiliations, all retained a high respect for the religiosity of the electorate. Overtly offending a religious order -- particularly a large, well-established denomination -- was unheard off. That precedent of respecting the clout of large religious organizations ended with Barack Obama. Religion, they say, is the people's opium.

• The new, true religion of America

Obama's socialism is the true religion, in his mind. Other religions are fine, providing they submit to the Obama doctrine. Obama's campaign strategists are counting on rank and file Catholics to follow him rather than the church polity; or the Pope. Attitudes have changed and the leftist elite know it.

The great prophet is Saul Alinksy.

The concept of separation of church and state is a one-way proposition. The state can impose upon religion; never visa versa. Sandra Flute will get her contraceptives. The church be damned.

Religion, in Obama's mind, is simply not relative. 

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  1. England now bans the wearing of crosses at work. How much longer will it take our country to go that route? I just can't imagine Jews allowing the Star of David to be banned, and Allah forbid that one dare start taking things away from Muslims.
    I agree with your excellent article, that Obama's religion is socialism, but also I believe he is an atheist with Muslim fondness.