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May 3, 2012



While the national media obsesses over rare White-on-black murders, such as the killing of James Byrd,  it ignores the ongoing epidemic of black-on-White homicides.

The reason may be media bias; a commitment to an agenda that favors multiculturalism. It may also be attributed to the sheer volume of black-on-White murders. The national media could afford to allot significant time to the James Byrd murder. To allot equal time to every black-on-White murder would be impossible. There simply are not enough hours per day.

Below are a few summaries of black-on-White murders. More are added daily.

• Georgia, June 2012 -- A white pizza delivery driver was stabbed over 50 times. The victim was 27-year-old Elizabeth Hutcheson who was the mother of a 4-year-old son. Arrested were two black teenagers, Cadedra Cook and a 15-year-old black male. [Source]

• Japan, May 2012 -- Black rap dancer James Blackston, 23, was arrested in Japan after the murder of Irish student Nicola Furlong, 21. The young white woman "was found dead in the early hours of Thursday morning after she attended a Nicki Minaj concert with a female friend, also a 21-year-old Irish student," according to news reports.

• Tennessee, May 2012 - Taylor Hotzoglou, was shot to death April 29. The Fort Campbell soldier was found in his car. Passersby called police assuming Hotzoglou had suffered injuries from a one-car crash. Police quickly realized he had been shot. Arrested are two black males, Giovanni Johnson, 18, and an unnamed 17 year old.

• California, May 2012 - Tania Gurskiy, 27, was murdered in 2010 by two black males as they robbed the pharmacy where the young White woman worked. Gurskiy was shot in the head at almost point-blank range as the robbers fled. Kevin Arnell Peterson, 43, and Bernard Krungerrun Reed, 35, were convicted earlier this month

• Texas, May 2012 - Eric Forrester, 17, was fatally shot in the head when he interupted a burglary in 2010. This month the convicted killer, Broderick Patterson, 18, was sentenced to life in prison. Forrester was White; Patterson is black.

• Ohio, May 2012 - Jim Burns was stabbed to death during a home intrusion in 1992. Nearly twenty years later a black male, Kareem Lane, was set to face charges for Burns' death. Lane was seventen years old at the time of the murder. Burns was a school superintendent at the time of his death; Lane was a student.

• Washington, May 2012 - Sharlotte McGill, 55, was fatally stabed as she walked near her home around 8:00 a.m.. McGill described her alleged attacker to a neighbor prior to her death as a black man in his 30’s wearing a black hoodie.

• North Carolina, April 2012 - Jared Bolli, 25, was shot to death during a robbery in 2010. Michael Leon King, a 21-year-old black male, was sentenced in April, 2012, to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the first-degree murder.

• Forida, March 2012 - Timothy Barnes, 35, was shot to death by a black male in Fort Meyers. Jerome Deon Parrish, 28, was arrested in Tampa on a Second Degree Murder charge.

• Maryland, August 2011 - Thelma Steele, 92, was killed by a 15-year-old black male who grew up across the street from her home. William Fitts, 15, was charged in slaying. Steele opened her door to Fitts who then stabbed and beat her. Robbery appears to be the motive, police said. The murder took place in Forestville. Forestville is located in Prince George's County that has a population of 863,420 and is the wealthiest African-American majority county in the nation.

• N Carolina, March 2008 - Eve Carter was a 22-year-old honor student at the University of North Carolina where she served as Student Body President.  Laurence Alvin Lovette, Jr. and Demario Atwater kidnapped Carson in the early hours, took her in her 2005 Toyota ATMs to withdraw money from her bank account. The killers took Carter to a wooded area where she was shot four times with a hand gun and once in the head with 12-gauge sawed-off shotgun.

• Oklahoma, January 1980 - Eugene Manowski, 35, was shot to death while working as a night security guard at an auto auction. Ernest Marvin Carter, Jr., a former employee, was executed for the murder.

• California - Riverside police Officer Ryan P. Bonaminio, 27, was shot and killed by a black male in a church parking lot. Bonaminio's life ended in November, 2010. Nearly two years later Earl Ellis Green, 46, went to trial for the killing. Green, a convicted felon, was driving a stolen truck and was pursued by Bonaminio in events leading up to the murder.

• Georgia - Zachary "Zach" Gamble, 34, was killed by blunt head injuries outside an apartment where he was attending a friend's birthday party. Sean DGene Hall, 38, a black male, was charged with murder, aggravated assault and aggravated battery. Gamble was a former Marine who served two tours of duty in Iraq.

• South Carolina - Joseph J. DeVivo, 87, was a widowed White grandfather who lived alone. Arrested for his murder is a 31-year-old black male, Rico Herbert.
According to police records and news reports, Herbert broke into DeVivo's home to commit burglarly, murdered DeVivo, stuffed his body in the trunk of DeVivo's Chevy Malibu and drove him to a river where he disposed of his body. Herbert kept the car and DeVivo's wallet. He was tracked to North Carolina using mapping data and cell tower hits from several cellphones.
• Tennesee - David Martin, 27, was a White pizza manager who was gunned down outside his South Nashville apartment. As Martin returned home after work, he was approached by a black male who pulled a gun and demanded money. As the black thief left with Martin's money, he pulled his own gun and demanded he stop. The robber turned and fired, killing Martin. Witnesses described the black suspect as wearing a Trayvon-style hoody.
• Kentucky - Brett Thornberry, 18, was shot to death. A grand jury charged a 16-year-old black male as an adult with robbing and killing him. Indicted was Romello Rice, a former Holmes High School football player. A black 15-year-old has been arrested and charged with complicity to commit robbery and murder in connection with his death.
• New Jersey - Lena Triano, 57, was found bound, raped, strangled and with multiple stab wounds at her house in 1976. Nearly forty years later Carlton R. Franklin, a black male who  has spent nearly 20 years behind bars for kidnapping and robbery since the murder, has been arrested for the crime. Franklin was 15 at the time of the murder.
• Texas - Randall Perkins, 20, was murdered in his home during a gathering of friends. Arrested is a  22-year-old black male, Leandre “Dre” Vonzell Hill. News reports indicate that Vonzell was an uninvited guest who crashed the party with a group of black companions. Another White man, Paul Benavides, 24, was also shot, but survived.

• Ohio - Matthew Dugan, a 34-year-old White male was shot in the head during a robbery at a former BP gas station. Anthony Belton, a black male, was sentenced to death by lethal injection for the murder.
• Georgia - Dave Shotkoski, 30, was a White relief pitcher for Atlanta Braves. Shotkoski was killed as he returned to his hotel during Spring training. Neal Evans was charged with second-degree murder. That was due in part to a teammate who was determined to track down his killer. Evans early release from prison -- by ten years!! -- has the family of Shotkoski upset.
• Georgia - Sallie Gaglia, 48, was stabbed to death at the Fleming Post Office where she worked. Gaglia was White. Her killer, Meirer Jason Brown, is black. A federal court jury recommended Brown be executed for the 2002 crime. Brown was 32 at the time of the murder.
• Wisconsin - Vincent Cort, 25, was shot by a black male who reached inside Cort's car with a gun and ordered, "Give it up." Cort managed to drive a short distance but died about a half hour later. Two black males, Laquan Riley and George Taylor were arrested. The criminal complaint revealed that Taylor provided Riley a dark, hooded sweatshirt so he could conceal his identity.
• Minnesota - Jody Patzner Jr., 22, was murdered when three young black males approach him and demanded his bicycle. One of the black males shot Patzner, who was delivering food to a friend, in the chest.   Hezekiah Hamiliton, 24, was arrested for the crime.
• Pennsylvania -  Gene M. Slavinsky, 48, was murdered in his home by a black male burglar. Jarvin Malik Huggins, 18, confessed to beating Slavinsky with a cast-iron window weight.
• Florida - Sergeant Ruben Thomas, 24, a White correctional officer was stabbed to death by a black inmate. Richard Franklin was accused of the murder. Franklin was previously convicted and sentenced to life for murder.
• Florida - Capt. Donald Jones, a white firefighter, was intentionally run down by black driver, police say. "An investigation revealed that the driver of the vehicle made no attempt to brake and even accelerated prior to striking the emergency personnel."  Bryce Allen, the driver, has been charged with second degree murder.
• Oklahoma, April 2012 - Nancy Strait, 85, died after she and her elderly husband, Bob, were brutally beaten in a home invasion. Tyrone Woodfork, 19, was arrested for the crime. Tyrone is black; the Straits are White. The couple had been married more than 65 years, had six children and 18 grandchildren. They were great, great, great grandparents. Bob, a paratrooper in World War II, died days later from his injuries.
• Texas - Krystal Baker, 13, was killed in 1996. Fourteen years later a black male, Kevin Edison Smith, was arrested for her murder. Kystal, a White girl, had been kidnapped; her body found under a bridge.
• Ohio - Leroy Jones, 75, was found dead by his wife, Betty; their home ransacked by an intruder. Victor Gantt, 25, is charged with the murder. Gantt is black; Leroy and Betty are White.
• Texas - Jo Beth Marchand, 59, was found raped and murdered in her apartment closet. Arrested was a black male, James Wesley Jackson. Jackson, 42, was earlier released after a previous attempted-rape case was dismissed months earlier.
• Texas -  Larry Wayne Smith was murdered in 1991. His wife posted a loving tribute to her husband and father of their two young children. Smith was forced into a motel closet where he was "stabbed and slashed repeatedly" during a robbery. Alvin E. Broxton, a black male, was convicted of Smith's murder. Broxton, a serial killer, was sentenced to death for the murder of Sheila Dockens after he forced his way into a motel room where she and her husband, Waylon, were staying.
• Texas - Minnie Ray Seabolt, 79, was killed when Bartholomew Granger, 41, went on a shooting rampage at a Texas courthouse. Seabolt was White, Granger is black. Also shot was Granger's 20-year-old daughter who had recently testified against him.
• Missouri - Tyler Hoppe, 23, was shot to death in his car after he apparently resisted robbery by two black males, police say. Nigel Generally, 19, and Larry Belk, 20, were charged in the murder.
• Virginia - James Robertson Jr., 19, was beaten to death in 2007 by a black mob that stripped, robbed and assaulted him along with his cousin and a friend. Two black females, Nichelle Carter and Shakida Bowers, were convicted. They are two of the 11 people charged in the case.
• Florida - Deputy Barbara Pill, 52, died after being shot multiple times. A black male suspect was identified as Brandon Lee Bradley, 22. News reports indicate that Pill was killed after pulling over a vehicle driven by Bradley. The vehicle was thought to be involved in a motel theft. Fellow deputies heard the gunshots on their radios and responded immediately.
• Mississippi - Investigator Mike Walter, 37, was shot and killed as he and other detectives attempted to serve warrants on Carnell Gaines Jr., a black male, in an apartment complex. The suspect was accused of sexual battery of a minor and possession of child pornography. Reports indicate that Gaines opened fire on the officers, killing Walter and injuring another.
• Maryland - Gregory Robert Sears, 36, was shot and killed in the driveway of his home. Sears described the suspects to police who arrived at the scene as two black males wearing masks. He died hours later a the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore.
• Oklahoma - William Zachary, 66, was shot and killed during a home invasion. Five black males were arrested in the shooting. Zachary recently retired from the hardware business.
• North Carolina - Edward Rosen, 52, was shot and killed when the restaurant where he worked was robbed. The suspect, whose image was captured by a surveillance camera, was described as a light-skinned black male.
• New Jersey - Chad Everette Robertson, 30, was stabbed to death at hotel. Two black males were arrested: Dyron White, 22, and Shaquan Johnson, 20. Robertson left behind five children — age 3 months to 12 years. Reports indicate Robertson came to the aid of a friend who was being attacked. His friend survived.
• Washington, DC - William "Billy" Robert Mitchell, 33, was shot and killed by a black male as he walked home from the theater. Anthony Speight, 23, was charged in the murder.

• Texas - Alton Wilcox, 85, died after being stabbed repeatedly during a home invasion. James Harris, Jr., 52, a black male, was charged with the murder.  Alton's wife, Darla Wilcox, 69, was also stabbed and listed in critical condition. Harris performed lawn work for his victims and, apparently, became angry when they denied his request to borrow rent money.

• Texas - Frederick Rein, 66, was a Georgetown graduate and former Air Force Captain. The retired veteran was working as a pizza delivery man who used the money he made in tips to help others in need. He was beaten with a baseball bat and robbed of $20 and a pizza by three black teens who called in a bogus order. Rein died from his injuries about 14 months after the attack during which time he suffered severely.

• New York - John Siakala, 67, opened his apartment door to to a black male. The intruder had been going door to door seeking entry into an apartment, looking for items to steal. Once inside the suspect, Mark Richardson, 53, beat Siakala to death.

• Pennsylvania - Sabina Rose O'Donnell, 20, was found dead and naked, save a pair beige socks. She had been dragged from her bicycle yards from her home, raped, and strangled to death with her own bra. A 20-year-old black male, Donte Johnton, is accused of stalking O'Donnell. O'Donnell was described as “Tiny, small, petite but so vulnerable. Perfect prey.”

• California - Joseph Wayne Bush, 38, was killed Feb. 10, 2006 during an attempted carjacking in Sacremento. Four years later police arrested a black male, Taurus Aquarius Baker, who was sixteen at the time of the murder.

• Alabama -  Edward Shane Hammett, 26, was a supervisor at the Food Giant grocery in Birmingham where he was stabbed to death. A black male, John Boyd Jr., 50, was employed at the store and is accused of stabbing Hammet as they were discussing Boyd's job performance.

• Indiana - Jeremy Crane, 21, and his seven-year-old neice, Kyleigh, were killed by gun shots during a home invasion. Two black males, Michael Bell and Jeremy Priel, each face two charges of murder, one charge of robbery and one charge of carrying a handgun without a license.


  1. This would have been more effective if dates of the murders were included.

    1. This was probably this week's murders.

    2. Are you kidding? Blacks murder 5 times as many EVERY SINGLE DAY

    3. Tag search 'Black hate crimes' on to see the other thousands of black hate crimes the media has censored since 2010

  2. This is what black people do. There are a few good black people, but they are picked on by the real black people.

  3. we need to have more black abortions. stop a crime before it starts

  4. Civil War II is coming. The great equalization will then take place.

  5. How many of these murders were racially motivated though? I guess that'd be the real investigation to make, no?

  6. No, it would not. Racial motivation is important, but so is the fact that blacks are overwhelmingly commiting crimes. When it is black-on-white, it is a case of a crimiinally-oriented group committing attrocities against a group whose percentage of criminals (i.e. "bad people" ) is much lower. Whether "hate crime" or not, the fact remains that we whites are suffering unfairly at the hands of a group of people that, truthfully, we need to be segregated from and therefore protected against. If it was your 84-year-old father, you might not care if it was "racially-motivated" or not. He's still dead.

  7. Impulsive...can't turn down prey..It is a sport.They are on the hunt..looking for the quickest opportunity to get a fulfill whatever carnal desire at the time. No thought of consequence....I was a former took working with blacks, being robbed, attempted rape..having to move out of former nice neighborhoods. At last,after the murder of a good friend, I came to the conclusion that being around blacks is DANGEROUS! Wake up liberal..quit the eternal excuses.

  8. Do you know why the media ignored these stories? Because this is NORMAL behavior for blacks. They do this every single day.

    Blacks are typically lazy, violent, stupid and prone to emotional outbursts at the slightest aggravation.

    There should be just one penalty applied to blacks - for any offense from jaywalking to murder. Short rope, tall tree.

  9. All yall crackers get what you get ha ha yeah boy

  10. Obviously the author of this page is just as ignorant as those they want to oppress, blame, whatever. But I'm from Virginia. And personally know 2 girls in that case. In reality it was a black on black crime. But I guess in this authors mind James is only a white name. Lol at stupidity.

  11. So as I see it, you are wrong about the case in my hometown, so how many more are you wrong about? And I'll just put this out there, I'm white. I met those young girls in jail while serving time for my white on white crime. They were 15 mislead by grown men. I won't stick up for what happened but you don't know all the facts.
    My point is
    1 your 100% wrong about it being a "black on white" crime.
    2 not only blacks commit violent acts. You mention NOTHING about bikers or rednecks who are just as violent. It's stupid to me to play the race card. Like I said I'm a convicted violent felon due to a white on white crime. That being said. I was givin a chance to change and I did. I don't get involved in that street life. That life is gonna be there for you no matter what color you are.
    3 what about the mafia? Really they are Jews, Italians, Russians, Irish, ect. So what is your definition of white?

    Now I'm sure you lovely white people will have nice and pleasant things to say about this fellow white person who is no different than the blacks that you've falsely presented :-)