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May 12, 2012

Britain's insane immigration policy is not only killing British culture, 
it's killing British people.


"I object."

Those words earn you the 'racist' label in Britain. 

Think of it as a badge of dishonor, a psychological counterpart to the Nazi-era Star of David; a bullying tactic to intimidate you. Other labels you will wear are bigot, intolerant and hateful.

Britons and other Europeans who object to their cultures being colonized and destroyed by immigration are routinely demonized and damned. Add xenophobe to the list of labels.

Say nothing at all and your fate may be even worse: death.

Britain's 'tolerance' cost
Alan Smith his life
Among the most recent victims of Britain's campaign for tolerance was Alan Smith. 

Smith was 63-years-old at the time he was brutally stabbed to death as his horrified family helplessly watched. 

He was in a restaurant at the time, celebrating his daughter's birthday. Smith asked if a crying child was alright. 

The young father of that little girl reacted in rage. 

"What's it to you? What's it got to f****** do with you?"

Smith politely left to avoid trouble, taking his family to another restaurant. The angry young father, later identified as Matthew Quesada, took note and later follow them.

The restaurant where Smith
was stabbed to death.
First, Quesada dropped his young daughter at his girlfriend's apartment. He then pursued Smith and his family, a knife concealed in his sleeve. 

The black man launched a 'wordless and frenzied' attack against Smith, stabbing him repeatedly in the head and torso. Smith's adult daughter tried to intervene but was no match for Quesada's rage and his knife. 

Quesada's mother is accused of
helping her son escape.
The fallen Smith, bloodied and wounded, lay dying in agony on the floor. The attack continued. Smith's last moments of life were spent trying in vain to kick away his killer. 

The attack, which lasted seconds, was ended when Smith's son-in-law hurled a chair at the attacker. It was too late. 

In an effort to save Smith's life, an air ambulance was called. A physician performed emergency heart surgery on a cafe table. Smith was flown to a hospital where he died of his wounds. 

Quesada, meanwhile, had escaped. His mother, apparently aware of the hastily planned attack, was waiting for him in her car ready to speed him to safety. 

Quesada's girlfriend is accused
of providing the killer
with police information
When police caught up with Quesada, he was found with a passport and flight details to Brazil. He had shorn his distinctive Afro hairstyle. 

Arrests were made. 

Victoria Passley-Quesada is accused of hiding her son from police and helping his escape. 

Maria Brigette, 26, Quesada's girlfriend, is accused of providing the killer with police information.

The murder took place in March, 2011. The trial began in May, 2012.

As Britain's policy of self-destruction through unrestrained immigration continues, her people die. If they dare object, they are damned as racists. But to say nothing is to condemn both Alan Smith and the British culture to death.

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  1. These apes need to be sent back to Mother Africa as they're completely incompatible with any type of civilization.

  2. And so the sun sets on the empire.

  3. They have brought this upon themselves by tolerating the destruction of society by the liberals just as we are doing in the US. It's like the gays say: "silence is death".