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May 15, 2012


It's OK by me.

If investors wish to build a community for Chinese, if Chinese wish to live in homogeneous neighborhoods, and if Chinese wish to have their own schools I see no problem.

• What worries me is the double standard. 

Were a homogeneous white group to develop their own community the media would howl 'racism,' HUD would be going haywire, and Eric Holder would be necessarily distracted from persecuting George Zimmerman to focus on 'red lining.'

Exclusive communities in which residents look like relatives of Jackie Chan are acceptable. Exclusive communities in which residents look like relatives of Geert Wilder are not acceptable. 

Imagine plans for an Irish town, German town, Dutch town, Russian town, etc. being submitted to a planning commission. 

There was a time in American history when such communities developed, not by investors, but generically. Oldenburg, Indiana is one such town. The community has intentionally retained its German heritage and parlayed it into a tourist attraction. Think of Oldenburg as an ethnic museum;  how things used to be.

• Designer demographics

The China town in Southeast Michigan will give residents an escape from the Detroit mess, a Chinese version of Whitopia by design. The plan is for 415 upscale homes near Ann Arbor.

Note the community is not designed for Chinese Americans. It is intentionally designed to attract immigrants from China.

The scheme will attract students. Nearby Detroit schools are a drag on the state's academic averages. An infusion of Chinese drawn by an ethnic-friendly government policy will help offset that. Chinese also tend to be high wage earners which will translate into higher tax revenues for a state forced to underwrite the undertow in Detroit and other black Michigan communities.

But the ultimate goal of the new China town is not merely to attract students and high wage earners. It is to attract job creators. 

The community plans to draw 400 business 'investors' who will be required to invest $500,000 each in an house or condo and create ten jobs. The scheme is to add 4,000 jobs to an economic depressed area of Michigan.

Considering some states have similar programs (sans housing developments) for Somali immigrants, one would think the project has legal precedence. The developers, however, are finding federal government regulations to be a hurdle. Once the feds sign on to the project, similar communities can be expected throughout the country as cash-strapped states compete to lure Chinese immigrants with a talent for job creation.

• Cultural thermodynamics? Or cultural divide?

While the Sino-ization of American culture may be preferred to Islamization, Americans have cause for concern that new immigrants will be adverse to Western culture, rule of law and free market traditions.  Using past experience as a gauge for the future, the majority of Chinese immigrants who are granted U.S. citizenship will vote for socialist-oriented Democrats.

The ravings of a xenophobic maniac? Not really.

Academic studies indicate that East Asians are genetically predisposed to collectivism whereas Europeans are gene-driven individualists. Are we creating a culture clash by encouraging East Asian immigration? Or are we inadvertently meshing into cultural thermodynamics in which individualism is tempered by a tendency for collectivism?

The facts are America's European majority trends towards individualism while East Asians generally prefer rigid conformity.

My suggestion?

Convert Detroit into farmland and give it to Boer and Afrikaan immigrants.

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