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after criticizing hate-group member, Ilhan Omar

May 7, 2012

by DailyKenn.com

It was bound to happen.

For years girls have been pursuing the right to participate in boy's athletics. 

Eventually a boy would pursue the right to participate in girl's athletics.

A male thirteen-year-old Irish field-hockey player managed to get a spot on a New York girls' team. 

Then things got sexist. It turns out that Keeling Pilaro is too good for the girls. Literally.

After ten goals and eight assists the brainards who enforce the high school league's rules decided he was just too good. He got bumped and dumped from the all-girl (except him) league. 

The boy's family are challenging the decision; it may wind up in court. 

Pilaro is taking advantage of the Title IX federal law that is supposed to level the gender playing field. If he wins the playing field may become truly level. That would allow males to compete for slots on girls athletic teams and visa versa. Given the physical advantages of males, female sports will disappear. 

Granted, some other brainards may then tweak Title IX to accommodate quotas. I imagine each and every sport being forced by law to reserve fifty percent of its team to each gender. 

Half of every basketball team, for example, would be half male and half female with the coach being forced by law to give each gender equal time on the court. 

Then, some other brainard will emerge and suggest another tweak. Since the teams and leagues are evenly split between males and females, why not allow the genders to have their own teams and leagues? That would be fair. 


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