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May 6, 2012


The Titanic was was going forward when it hit the iceberg.

The airliners were going forward when they crashed into the World Trade Center.

Someone decided to go forward . . . with slavery.

Someone gave the order to go forward . . . with building Auschwitz.

Someone decided to go foward . . . with Obamacare.

Forward can be the wrong direction.

Forward can be the right direction.

Someone decided to go foward . . . forming a more perfect union.

Someone decided to go foward . . . with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Someone wants to go forward . . . with the Bush tax cuts.

"Forward" is not a direction. Rather, it is a relative term that could refer to any direction.

North is a direction.

When you drive north on the Interstate, you are going forward. Oncoming south-bound traffic is also moving forward.

When you come to the overpass you notice traffic moving east and west. All are moving forward towards their goals; in different directions.

Ask not, "Are you moving forward?'

Ask, "In what direction are you moving?"


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