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May 18, 2012

by DailyKenn.com

Ever since Barack Obama voiced his support for gay marriage, he's been haunted by detractions from black pastors.

The most damning anti-Obama rhetoric revealed in recent days, however, wasn't related to Obama's politically convenient flip on the gay marriage issue. Rather, the verbal assault was delivered in the form of seething personal revenge from a minister who not only agrees with Obama, but served as his mentor for decades. 

The words and wisdom of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, retired but not silenced, have been canonized in Edward Klein's book, The Amateur

Wright claimed that the 2008 Obama campaign offered him $150,000 to wear a muzzle, figuratively speaking. Wright's racist and anti-American rantings worried the Obama campaign to the point that minister was effectively offered a bribe to hush. While Wright's musings made for good cable news filler, it turns out that few actually took him seriously. Obama, we note, won the election in spite of his connection to Wright and other leftist loons. 

Wright wisely rejected the offer presented in the form of an e-mail sent from Obama's friend, Eric Whitaker. Obama then made a personal appeal to Wright. 

Obama went on to distant himself from Wright and his Chicago-based mega church. Wright says otherwise. The minister claims he was like Obama's second father and helped shape his [distorted] world views. The fact that Obama hung around for twenty years argues in favor of Wright's version; not Obama's version.

Jeffrey T. Kuhner, writing for The Washington Times, thinks there's enough to Wright's story to justify a  congressional investigation. Kuhner supposes Wright's allegations are the tip of the iceberg and that suggests a "vast corruption at the heart of the administration's Chicago-style politics."

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