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May 25, 2012

by DailyKenn.com

Death by squashing.

It's the fate of American black murderers (and most in Europe); particularly those who kill white people.

The scenario follows this script: A black guy kills for sport, racism, or for the prospect of topping off his pocket change. Local media outlets pick up the story, but squash racial identities between the lines. That is, they don't report it. 

The killer lives. Only his black racial ID has been executed by the media.

Racial profiling is politically incorrect because it promotes racism, they say. Liberals have a problem with that.

Failing to provide racial profiling promotes murder. I have a problem with that.

If the suspect is still on the lose, a profile is needed that includes the specifics of appearance. The reminder that blacks commit 52.2% of homicides in America is also a deterrent to future murders. [Source / search term: 52.2]

If you want to know the racial ID of the killer you must read between the lines. That usually includes at least one news outlet that includes a mug shot of the killer. His racial ID will be plain as the nose on his face. Literally.

If the media report fails to identify the race of the killer and if no photo is available or the killer or next of kin (such as an interview with the murderer's mom), then racial ID become virtually impossible. Names of the killers, circumstances and context provide hints, but are not always dependable.

Consequently, many black-on-white murders go undetected.

But for those willing to dedicate a few minutes to Google, the hidden aspect of black-on-white murder can be revealed. The frequency is startling.

Here are three black-on-white murders that DailyKenn.com reported in the past week. Any one of them would have provoked an Al Sharpton conniption had the race roles been reversed. The truth is the race roles are almost never reversed. White-on-black homicide if almost non-existent.

• A white 24-year-old mother of two small children was brutally beaten, choked and shot in the back. The killer made off with $85 in cash; tip money the young mother earned as a waitress in a local restaurant.

The news report said nothing of the victim's race; nor of the racial ID of the suspected killer. The report provided the victim's photo, but to secure a photo of the suspect we had to Google the person's name.

That is, the racial ID of the black suspect was squashed between the lines. The media doesn't want us to know that a brutal black-on-white murder has taken place.

Dead is Jacqueline Gardner of Schererville, Indiana, a mostly white east-Chicago suburb. Accused is Stephen Lee Henderson of Gary, Indiana, a mostly black east-Chicago suburb. [Source]

• When martial arts instructor, Mitt Lenix, was gunned down by a black male last week, the Atlanta Journal failed to note the victim was white nor the suspect black. Had the roles been reversed, Al Sharpton would have told us.

Lenix was attending a show at the Starlight outdoor movie theater. When his car wouldn't start at the end of the movie, he sought help from a 30-year-old black male. The suspect opened fire and Lenix lost his life. He was only 28 years old.

Dead is Mitt Lenix of Stockbridge, Georgia. Arrested is Quentric Shaymon Williams, of Gwinnett County, Georgia. [Source]

• A local news outlet in North Carolina is more accomodating.

When Daniel Lee Cooper was shot to death as he sat in  his car, the local newspaper noted that two of the suspects were black. The racial ID of the primary suspect, Darius Smotherson, was not mentioned, but his photo was included.

Police believe Smotherson simply shot Cooper to death. No motive has been established. Many suppose some personal or business conflict may have existed. Few allow themselves to admit that, ofttimes, violent black-on-white crime occurs out of sheer racism; a sport.

• Truth be told

The hypocrisy of the media is not lost on America's dwindling white population. White folks realize that violent white-on-black crime is extremely rare; homicide in particular. An increasing number of  white Americans are alerted to the generations-old epidemic of black-on-white crime, thanks to the advent of the Internet.

Prior to the Internet, the above brutal murders would have remained hushed beyond the reach of local media. Even then the racial IDs of both killers and innocent victims would have remained hidden.

Even with the Internet most media outlets prefer to turned a blind eye and deaf ear to the brutal racial violence that exist throughout the nation -- and world. DailyKenn.com is one of a few web site that doesn't shy away from reality, even when unpleasant and politically incorrect.

If we hadn't told you about the above homicides, how would you have known?

For those willing to keep informed, we are here prowling the Internet for surface scratches that reveal the inner beast of racial hate and crime that plagues our culture.

Permission is granted to use the material in this article providing (1) the byline is included in an obvious manner crediting DailyKenn.com as the author, (2) a link to this page is included and (3) no changes are made either by deletion, addition or annotation. Original compositions at DailyKenn.com are sometimes seeded with decoy data, such as hidden acronyms, to detect unauthorized use and plagiarism


  1. In the case of Jacquline Gardner it was a drug deal gone bad. She knew her assailants quite well. She and her husband were selling weed. The guys intended to rob her for drugs. She recognized one of them in disguise. That is why the media will not touch this.

    1. Where did you get this information? It also says she had a live in boyfriend, not a husband...

    2. I read the girlfriend of one of the killers worked with Gardner at the restaurant. That's the only connection I've heard.

      I grew up around plenty of (white) weed dealers when I was young and dumb. None of them ever killed each other. Hell, none of them ever fought each other.

    3. Bullshit! Jackie and Tim were wonderful people who were not involved in anything illegal. They had two small children and had only recently moved to northern Indiana. There is more to this story and it involves not only the three scumbags who killed her, but also the girlfriend of one of them who also worked at Joe's.

  2. That's why I read DailyKenn.com everyday.

  3. Thank you Sir for the blog. Glad I found it and will pass around.

  4. Even Eddie Murphy knows about this. Ever see his skit on SNL with his character Death Row Poet, Tyrone Green?

    "C-I-L-L.. My landlord"

  5. She gave her life because she wouldn't let them shitheads in her apartment to kill the baby.
    FYI: Stepehn Lee Henderson, if you are out there reading this. I am coming for you bitch, I have a huge family and we are all looking for you. You better hope the police find you before we do. I will do bad things to you for a very long time before I let you die. I'm going to find you, you little coward bitch.
    This is not bullshit talk. Mark my words, unless the police find you first, you will be living in my garage tied to a chair for a very long time. I'm thinking of starting with a hot curling iron dipped in Vaseline up your ass.

  6. I'm so sick of the weakling, PC wimps, who are afraid to say and see how the media has
    twisted the news and hope to keep their heads down and not become a victim. Many of these are those that live in gated communities and think they can buy immunity from these animals. The wake up call is that you can't buy immunity, because you can have a car break down or just be sitting in your car and become a target for a thug with a gun and a racist hatred toward you.

    This kind of crap wouldn't have happened in 1912, because animal scum bags knew that they would be set upon and treated like the crazed animals that they are and if that meant that they needed to swing from a tree, so be it. We have allowed these dirt bags to believe that they are free to kill us and our rape and kill our women. Let's get back on track on put the fear of god into low life dirt bags.

    1. totally agree with you !! I fear we are not very far from a civil war

  7. My town does the same thing. Will not release the race of the perps. Unless they are White. So when i watch and they wont release pertinent info such as race, i know they are black. One friend uses this formulation. If it is a violent crime, they are black. And now, in over two dozen violent crimes, he was right 98% of the time. Now if the sentencing matched the crime.....

  8. Below is a poem that I wrote about the murder of Jacqueline Gardner before I ran across your Blog. I hope you take the time to read it.


  9. Someone Help me out here ?

    Isn't the word 'QUASH' not 'squash' ?

    This is the second author this week that has used 'squashed' and I think the proper word is 'quashed'.


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