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May 24, 2012


Another shopping mall has become a no-go zone for white people.

At issue is the Monroeville Mall in suburban Pittsburgh where a young white girl was beaten by a black woman. 

White people will respond by avoiding the mall. It's latent Jim Crow. If we can't keep violent blacks away from us, we will keep ourselves away from them. 

It's also a harbinger of things to come.

• Extraction leads to contraction. 

Most communities have mega-million dollar shopping centers like the Monroeville Mall that have fallen prey to black crime and violence. Such malls have been abandoned by white shoppers and shop owners.

Now what?

With white shoppers and shop keepers gone, blacks have free reign. They can take over as shop owners, shop unmolested by privileged white people and switch the Musak channel to Motown.

But that's not what happens.

Rather, the demographic dance ensues. When whites take their stuff and move out, blacks follow.

Apologists point to economic downturns to explain why once-thriving shopping centers become ghost malls. The truth is that such malls have been abandoned by white shoppers and shop owners fed up with the crime and violence. 

Think of Detroit as one, very large, ghost-mall that's been beat down by black crime and violence. Call it a ghost-town. Imagine an entire nation suffering such a beat down and Zimbabwe comes to mind. Think of it as a ghost-nation.

It's happening here.

• Watch the infrastructure.

Consider the news last week that 2011 saw fewer white births than non-white. What does the future hold?

Some suspect America will some day look like Mexico; be like Mexico. 

I think it will be worse.

The economy of Mexico, and that of the entire world, is supported by Western culture's economic superstructure. That is to say that Mexico is a mess, but it would be far worse were it not for the Eurosphere, the US in particular. 

Think in these terms: What would Mexico be like if there were no United States? What would Africa be like if there were no Western economy? What would China be like without Western investment and innovation?

Have another look at the Monroeville Mall, Detroit, Mexico, and Zimbabwe. Then weep for the world's future. 

• Catch the irony.

As the Monroeville Mall becomes a no-go zone ghost-mall, stores stocked with stealable stuff go out of business. Negros with Velcro fingers have to look elsewhere to do their snagging.

Now super size the above paragraph to fit Western culture.

Once Western culture goes the way of Monroeville Mall, Detroit and Zimbabwe, there were be nothing left to snag. The goose will be gone; the golden eggs will disappear. There will be no white tax base to underwrite food stamps and EBT cards. There will be no Section 8 housing. There will no more shopping malls to raid. The infrastructure that invented and marketed a massive array of toys -- from iPhones to gold spinners -- will be gone. Haiti will look like luxury living. There will be no aid for Africa. Migrating to Europe will be no better than moving to Yemen. The Western economy will collapse. Talk of austerity will be passe. We'll all wish we lived in China or Singapore but, sadly, they will have long since established a reasonable immigration policy.

It's one massive beat down. Western culture is little blond girl being beaten and kicked on the floor. The black woman is multiculturalism. The ghost-mall is the world's economy.

And those doing the beating utimately suffer the most.

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  1. "It's one massive beat down. Western culture is little blond girl being beaten and kicked on the floor. The black woman is multiculturalism. The ghost-mall is the world's economy."

    Great use of metaphors.

  2. Here's another one for you Kenn -