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May 1, 2012


Am I a racist?

Yes, if you ask Morgan Freeman.

Freeman effectively defined a racist as one who wants to get Obama "out of here."

That's me. Add me to the list. 

Am I a racist?

The answer is "no" if you ask me. 

A racist is one who dislikes others by virtue of their race. 

I don't dislike anyone by virtue of inherent physical characteristics. 

What causes consternation between me and those whose minds have been turned to mush by social engineering is my commitment to realism. That is, I don't dislike anyone by virtue of their race. I do, however, judge others by the content of their character. 

Explanation? Here you go:

I don't dislike people who are black. I do, however, acknowledge the fact that 52.2 percent of homicides in America are committed by blacks. Those are statistics provided by the Department of Justice. Nearly all of those homicides are committed by black males between the ages of 18 and 49. That is, about three percent of the population commits about half of all homicides.

I don't hate them because they are black. Nor do I refuse to accept reality. 

There are a lot of people who are like me. We accept reality. That is cause to label us "racists." 

Such labels, however, don't match the content. 

I could, for example, paste a mustard label on a bottle of ketchup. Does that make the ketchup mustard? Nope. Mr. Freeman can pin us with 'racist' labels. Does that make us racists? Nope. 

There is a segment of humanity who are resistant to brainwashing. We have learned how to think and resist being told what to think. 

We not only resist labels, but we also seem resistant to social and peer pressures. We accept the reality that black crime is epidemic. We are, consequently, often shunned by others. Bothersome as it may be, we are unaffected. We would rather be informed and excluded than ignorant and included. 

We also resist emotional nudging. Each year thousands of students are forced to read the novel, To Kill A Mockingbird. The purpose of the book (or movie) is to embed a sense of guilt in the minds of White people. Most walk away from the story line loathing themselves for daring to think that a black man would rape a White woman. 

Not us. We read such books or watch such movies as Red Wings or The Help, shrug them off and say, "What a load of crap!"

We have the innate, though apparently rare, ability to discern between reality and nonsense. We filter fiction through reality. Most do the opposite. 

Or, to phrase it more bluntly, we're not that gullible. 

Some of us have a tenacious desire to speak our minds. When confronted with distorted or white-washed history, we don't squint. We protest. 

We know, for example, that the first slave owner in American history was a black tobacco farmer named Anthony Johnson. It's a fact. In 1830 there were 3,775 black families living in the South who owned black slaves! It a part of black history. Why not say it . . . out loud?!

We also have a tendency to resist White guilt. Does that make us racists? 

We can't help but note that those who attempt to saddle us with the White privilege label are simultaneously attempted to instill a sense of black (or brown) pride on other ethnic groups. We do not turn a blind eye. Rather, we take note and frequently complain. 

We have this peculiar ability to appreciate the contributions White people have made to civilization. We are neither arrogant nor supremacists. We simply acknowledge that, if it were it not for White people, there would be no civilization as we know it today. Apart from White innovation and ingenuity, most of the world's population would exist in a dark age of squalor, ignorance and starvation. 

Need proof? Look around. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, you are surrounded by overwhelming evidence of White innovation and ingenuity. Everything from light bulbs to beer cans to nylon socks are evidence of White contributions to civilization. Add medical and scientific innovations, and the argument is slam-dunk closed. 

Resisting that reality has dire consequences. 

We acknowledge that Western culture has provided the infrastructure upon which civilization is built. We furthermore acknowledge that the destruction of that infrastructure is foolhardy. We know that the dismantling of Western culture will be the undoing of civilization. 

Such admissions to reality earns us the "racist" label. And there it is, pinned to our lapels like a mustard label on a ketchup bottle. But the truth remains: When the infrastructure provided by Western civilization is compromised through multiculturalism, all of civilization will collapse. Truth is truth, with or without the attached 'racist' labels.

We happen to acknowledge racial distinctions. Does that make us racists? 

Those who formed the Black Entertainment Network and the Congressional Black Caucus are keenly aware of ethnic distinctions. Are they racists?

It seems the social engineers who drive our culture towards multiculturalism are willing to accept physical variations between ethnic groups. East Asians have a propensity for lactose intolerance while blacks are given to high blood pressure. Genetics equip blacks to excel at basketball, but not swimming. In fact, social engineers acknowledge ethnic distinctions of every body part with one, single solitary exception: the brain. 

They refuse to admit that Ashkenazi Jews tend to be a bit smarter than the rest of us. Are we racists for noticing? East Asians tend to have an edge in intelligence over White people who, in turn, are generally smarter than Hispanics who are brighter than black Americans, on an average. 

Why are we racists for noticing? 

If we can safely admit that Danes have blond hair and blue eyes, why can we not safely admit they have brighter brains? 

It is my contention that social engineers have a misguided sense of social justice that can only be remedied, they believe, by the destruction of Western culture. White people are viewed as culprits who deny true equality among humanity. 

They are wrong.

When Western culture fails, all of Africa will be decimated. Hispanic nations that borrow from Western technology will reverse. East Asians who efficiently adapt and exploit Western technology will survive and continue to excel, but at a much slower pace. 

We are compelled, therefore, to resist their efforts. 

In so doing we will repeatedly be slapped with errant labels, ostracized from certain segments of society and opposed at every turn. 

So be it. The future of civilization is at stake. 


  1. Some people will NEVER forget your stand-alone courage in a universe of group-think and cowardice.


  2. I think you are talking about the efficacy and/or effeciency of applying sterotypes. If the statistical data set you are using is valid, then I don't think it shows bad judgement to apply stereotypes, we do it all of the time, everyone does, whether we try or not.

    Crossing the line to becoming racist or prejudice (applying this to non-race based stereotypes) occurs when it goes beyond the statistical metric, or if applied in the absence of data. For example, pretend you read the headling "Car stolen last night". If you think it was a black without having any more details about the circumstances or location then you should examine yourself closer to see if you have racist tendancies. If it is "Car stolen last night in Detroit" then assuming it was a black perp is OK, because blacks and others who know the breakdown of Detroit's population would make that reasonable guess. If the headline is "Car stolen last night at BYU" and you think "I bet it was a black" - then you are definitely racist.

  3. Kenn Robert here in Georgia, brother your posts have been off the chain lately , there is nothing that I can add, it would only take away from your points . With warmest racial regards Robert

  4. "...If the headline is "Car stolen last night at BYU" and you think "I bet it was a black" - then you are definitely racist."

    Are you still racist if you read that Shitavious Washington was arrested in the car the following night?

  5. Like most Whites, Kenn wallows in the 'statistics' that 'prove' Black crime is rampant. I'm sure he believes that all White murderers are mentally ill too.