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Republican candidate kicked off Twitter
after criticizing hate-group member, Ilhan Omar

April 11, 2012

by DailyKenn.com


It's one of those labels that no self-respecting, red-blooded American boy can tolerate. As an 8-year-old I would have done most anything to avoid that label; and sometimes did. 


As I matured I learned that labels were placeholders in lieu of logic. 

Tackling serious issues requires intelligent, mature thinking. Name calling and grammar school labeling fail to address those issues. 

Among the issues that must be confronted are racial. When White people discern the difference between open discussions on race and enduring endless nonsensical lectures on the evils of Whiteness, they object. Those objections are valid but, sadly, are not answered with thoughtful reason, but with accusations of racism. That's tragic.


Again, the placeholder in lieu of logic. 

I imagine the Conquistador Hernán Cortés trudging his way across the Aztec empire. I wonder if the Aztecs engaged in conversations regarding the sin of xenophobia, lectured one another through sensitivity training sessions and emboldened their confidence with such phrases as 'diversity is our strength.'


To be prejudice is to prejudge others. 

Upon encountering the furry faces, tattooed pecs and bulging biceps of a motorcycle gang, I am inclined to prejudge this rowdy crowd as best avoided. The same holds true of black teens in hoodies. 

Prejudging -- prejudice -- is common sense. It is not racism. 

Take the above sentence out of context at your own peril. 


Norman Duke Rollo refused to kiss the king's foot, declaring simply, "No! by God!"

The French King Charles henceforth labeled Duke Rollo a "by God" or "bei Gott" or "bigot". That, according to English historian William Camden, introduced the term into the English lexicon. 

It is possible to accept, appreciate and even admire others without stooping to pucker. Does that make one a bigot? If so, so be it. 

I recall the Boston bouncer who assaulted a patron at a Worcester nightclub in 2011. The black bouncer was accused of beating the White patron, making him kneel and say "Oh Great F*cking Brown Dude" as he was relieved of his possessions. Had the patron declined -- or even objected -- he would fit Camden's understanding of a bigot [source].

Broaden the scope.

In America 'bigot' describes any one of a broad range of White Americans who are not into  shakedowns or toe kissing -- by bouncers in bar-room bathrooms or by naked-toed government agencies bent on funding misguided programs. 

Liberals resort to name calling in lieu of logic. 

As Americans progress into necessary discussions on race, it is required that name calling be left out of the dialog and replaced with logic, reason, objectivity and honesty. 

Accuse me of racism, xenophobia, prejudice or bigotry and the discussion ends.

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