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April 6, 2012

There is embedded in America's national psyche a de facto law that states, "No White person shall defend himself or herself against an assault by a black person."

That off-the-books legal premise was driven home by Rev. Jesse Jackson this week when he lamented the absence of prosecution for self-defender and neighborhood watchman, George Zimmerman.

“If a black kills a white, its jail time. If a black kills a black, its Miller time.”

Such logic is driven by cliche's, never by reason. The fact is that about 52 percent of all homicides are committed by blacks in America. To place that in perspective: Imagine if every black male, age 18 to 49, were to disappear tomorrow. The murder rate would immediately drop; almost in half. The population rate would decline by 3 percent.

That's no exaggeration.

It's no coincidence in my mind that murder rates began to drop in America 20 years after abortion was legalized via Roe v Wade. As one who considers abortion, itself, murder, I find it to be an immoral and objectionable means of crime reduction. But the statistics remain. The violent crime rate in America peaked at 747.1 instances per 100,000 population in 1993, twenty years after Roe v Wade. Persons most likely to commit violent crimes were conceived, but never born. About one third of all abortions in America are black babies. The black population is just shy of 13 percent.

The de facto law is not chiseled in stone, nor can it be found among the tomes within America's judiciary. But the law is there, nonetheless. Those who dare violate that law will find themselves dearly punished, and without the presumption of innocence or a trial before a jury of their peers. 

American law requires White people to be beaten at the whims of blacks. 

• Those of us old enough to remember the Rodney King riots in 1992 have vivid memories of a White truck driver named Reginald Denny being beaten in a Los Angeles intersection. He was dragged from his cab by a black mob, kicked, beaten and his skull crushed by blows from concrete blocks. 

The black persons responsible for the attack were arrested, found guilty and summarily given slaps on the wrists. 

• Another infamous attack was that of the Jena 6; six black males who assaulted a White student. 

Efforts to prosecute the attackers violated the de facto law. White people are not allowed to defend themselves against black assaults. As seen in both the Reginald Denny episode and the Jena 6 case, the attackers may not legally be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. While Denny's attackers got off with wrist slaps, the Jena 6 attackers drew thousands of blacks to rally in their support and were honored at a BET Network awards event. 

I grow weary of making comparisons, but we can imagine the outrage had a gang of White thugs attacked a black student and were then honored at a White Entertainment Network event. In fact, the prospect of a White television network, itself, would be cause for outrage.


  1. Any lawyer who prosecutes a person who defends themselves against a thug should be treated no differently than a thug. That fancy degree and that college mouth won't save you, lawyer maggots.


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