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April 7, 2012

Someone's been shooting up a black neighborhood in Tulsa. 

Normally, gun fire in black communities is not newsworthy. Death by homicide is a leading cause of demise among blacks; particular among young black males. 

What makes this story newsworthy is not that three blacks have been killed.

The story is newsworthy because the suspect is thought to be a White man described as driving a white pick-up truck.

Why is the black community outraged? I suppose it's akin to the notion that blacks may call each other the "n" word, but that pejorative may never issue from the lips of a White person. Likewise, black-on-black murder is overlooked as a common malady of living in the 'hood, whereas White-on-black murder carries the moral repugnance of racism. 

The media has blood lust for violent White racists. Such episodes as the one in Tulsa, though extremely rare, provide the media with sufficient fodder to protract the image of White people as violent haters of black people. Blacks, of course, will be portrayed as victims.  

The media routinely ignores the more common black-on-White violence and black-on-black violence. In short the media cares little for the safety of black people.  The media's concern is to exploit the White racist spin at every opportunity. Only Whites behaving badly towards blacks provides that spin.  

Expect this story to get legs in the upcoming days. And, in the event it turns out the shooter is not White, expect the story to disappear as if it never happened.

Update . . . 

Two arrests have been made. Both were White and apparently working in tandem.

19-year-old Jake England's father was killed by a black male two years ago. Police think his  motive may have been revenge. Also arrested is Alvin Watts, 32.

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