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Republican candidate kicked off Twitter
after criticizing hate-group member, Ilhan Omar

April 13, 2012

by Kenn Schmidt DailyKenn.com

I long for the days of my youth when America's core value was freedom. 

Social justice, a euphemism that some translate as meaning 'socialism' or 'screw Whitie,' has displaced freedom as the epitome of our nation's soul. 

The term was used yesterday when Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton, a non-voting congressional delegate from the District of Columbia, used it to heap praise upon Rev. Al Sharpton. Holmes Norton was speaking at Sharpton's National Action Network where she, in turn, received an award. 

Holmes Norton said the arrest of George Zimmerman proves that Sharpton is "making social justice a reality."

In reality what is being made a reality is that black thugs in hoodies are licensed to assault non-blacks with impunity.

“Receiving a social justice award from an organization whose specialty, whose very mission is social justice, is an honor indeed  . . . an honor that I can only accept with great humility,” Norton said.

Also in reality is the stark reminder that black-on-black violence, though epidemic and far more deadly, would never evoke the outrage as did the episode in Florida where Zimmerman ended an alleged assault from a 17-year-old black male with deadly force.

We wonder the outcome if Sharpton and his minions were to focus their efforts on a net reduction of black-on-black crime rather than turning their bullhorns on non-blacks who have the audacity of self defense against black aggressors.

Four days ago The Blaze published an expose' titled The Shocking Data on Black on Black Crime. Citing a 2007 special report from the Bush era Deptartment of Justice, the report informed us that 8,000 to 9,000 blacks are murdered annually in the United States.  "93% of these murders are in fact perpetrated by other blacks," The Blaze said.

It could be that Rev. Sharpton's awards program includes some notation of honor for those who invest much of their lives sounding the alarm of black violence and concern themselves that more black-on-black murders occur in six month than blacks were hanged during 84-year era of lynching; a total of 3,446 between 1882 and 1968.

If such honors exist, mine has yet to arrive via FedEx.

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  1. Its so sad watching the black 'leaders' try to lead in the name of social justice...nothing has changed with them in 50 years, well nothing except that there are no longer any actual oppressive laws for them to fight against.

    If any black leaders are going to step up to address real black issues, it sure as $hit ain't gonna be these broken records. When all you have and know how to use is a hammer, everything looks like a nail to you.


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