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April 18, 2012


Keegan Schuchardt's mom was gunned down in a hail of bullets Tuesday. 

Keegan, only three days old, was then snatched by the alleged killer, a black woman who sped away with the baby in a  Lexus as his mother lie dying in a pool of blood.

Friends and family gathered at the slain mothers home to mourn and offer support for the child and now-widowed young father. 

Reports claim that a common question heard uttered by supporters is, "Why?"

I may have the answer. 

In recent weeks race hustlers have leveraged the Trayvon Martin case to heighten racial hatred among blacks for Whites. Reports circulated -- many claiming ink in major newspapers -- of black-on-White assaults in which Trayvon's name was evoked as an excuse to attack White victims. 

Perhaps the most outspoken was Al Sharpton.

Sharpton deflected accusations that he was 'rushing to judgement' by condemning George Zimmerman who defended himself against Trayvon's advance. 

"The rush to judgment was those that moved against him, said he was suspicious, and took his life. So to lecture us about rushing to judgment, we're a victim of a rush to judgment in this case. Let's be real clear on that." [source]

Sharpton was careful to note that Trayvon was unarmed. Sharpton failed to mention that, while the black teen possessed no firearms, he was well endowed with two strong arms that, according to witnesses, wailed on George Zimmerman before the teen was shot. 

Although Sharpton tempers his spiels with disclaimers disavowing violence, the assaults ensue. His perpetual-motion race hustling sends a "cry me a river" message to many blacks who immerse themselves in racial victimization and revenge. Was that the mindset of Verna Deann McClain who was charged with killing Keegan's mom?

No one knows what occupied the mind of the black woman who killed Keegan's mom and provoked her to kidnap the tiny baby from the security of her possession. 

We do know that neither Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, or Eric Holderman pulled the trigger killing Keegan's mom. We do know they have created an atmosphere and hatred and animosity within the black community for White people. Such an atmosphere is often a contributing factor and frequently a deciding factor to commit acts of violence. 

It may be that Sharpton's rhetoric directed the disturbed thinking of a black woman in the Houston suburbs to find legitimacy in gunning down a young mother and snatching a three-day-old baby.  


  1. Thank you, thank you...THANK YOU for finally addressing the Negro Fatigue that millions of us regular Americans (of every color) have suffered since the day that a Marxist Kenyan stood in a stadium, in front of styrofoam faux-Greek columns, to announcing his intention to "fundamentally change America".

    He has fundamentally changed us, all right. For the past two years at least, people of African extraction have gone berserk in America's cities. Not until the Daily Kenn, have we heard a word about these Negro uprisings; the race of the assailants and wilding gangs has never been mentioned. It's a travesty, since the racial element is the SOLE motivation for these people.

    The people of this republic -- especially in the cities -- are still paying the high price of chattel slavery that ended 150 years ago. One wonders how long we will pay for having killed over 47 million pre-born Americans, so far.

    Thank you for your honest reporting.

  2. My understanding is that 2/3 of all those abortions were Negroes.
    Can you imagine 32 million MORE gang-bangers?

    1. Good observation.

      The nation's homicide rate began to decline in 1992, about 18 years after Row v Wade.

      There seems to be a connection.

  3. About 40 years ago I lived in the SF Bay Area. I am white. A white friend of mine who had black friends brought a white infant to me one day, and asked me to take the child, because I had an infant also in diapers. To be brief I will cut the story short. The infant was a white child who had been kidnapped by a black man because he got angry with the child's white mother. I kept the child until the police came to get it. Black anger was the sole motive for the kidnapping of that baby. The child had been in the kidnappers group for awhile before my white friend woke up and recognized there was something wrong. Her black friends got arrested for use of a stolen credit card, she offered to take care of their three children while they were in jail, and she heard the older children talking between themselves saying they thought the child being taken (kidnapped) was the reason for the arrests. When my white Leftist friend heard the children talking, for a brief moment the scales fell from her eyes, and she saw the infant was all white, not mulatto. She brought me the infant, and went to the police. The motive of simple anger could be the reason for such a heinous action. It was the motive for the kidnapping of that baby in the SF Bay Area those years ago.